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Check out his site at http: The best in the entire game. When viewing a player on your team, there are a few options you have. Normal Baseball Stars (NES) Cheats

Baseball Stars

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I'd say they were great except for the fact that the last man on there line up Batting - They can put some power behind their swing, if you catch my drift Running - If a player isn't super fast, he's super slow on this team. Defense - Here's something that they are awesome at. Very good defense, infield and outfield. Prestige - Their a pretty popular team.

In league mode, you can make a decent amount of cash off of them. Pitching - Definitely a highlight of this team. Both of the Robin's starters have at least 60 overall points, and not a bad bullpen either. As I stated earlier, they can provide a pretty good challenge to an average player, especially when compared to teams covered earlier. I suggest you have your offensive stats up, such as Hitting, Batting and Running to counter their spectacular defense.

The Brave Warriors also have a theme, much harder to figure out than other teams. Hitting - This is a strong point for the Warriors. Everybody has about a 10 in this category, and even there bench isn't too bad. Batting - Average to above-average. A few players can be homerun threats, but nothing to get upset about.

Running - Not too shabby, for old men anyway, because if you didn't notice they all have white hair in their pictures. Defense - Like their Running ability, it's not the worst but by far not the best. Luck - Lots and lots o' luck. One of their strengths, of course. Pitching - This is their major weakness. Another challenging team, like the Robins, but possibly a tad better.

As for your stats, you absolutely need your pitching and defense fueled up to face the Brave Warriors. Their speed is also unmatched. Just an overall good team, with very high stats. Hitting - Their hitting is above-average with the exception of two players. Batting - The Blacksox batting is somewhere between average to above-average. If a player is not an awesome batter, than he is especially sorry.

You better make sure you have awesome defense. Defense - Another very strong point for this team. Very good outfield, not to say that the infield is much worse.

Luck - The Blacksox Luck is of an average rate. Prestige - Very prestigious. You can make a ton of money off of them in League mode. Pitching - Good Pitchers. Their only downfall in this this category is one pitcher, and I won't give any names, but he is awful. No really, I mean Crushers awful! They can be very tough to beat, but with high Batting and Defense, you should pull through.

What's their strength, you ask? Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but not much. Check out these stats: Hitting - Unbelievably good. Not much gets by them if it comes through the strike zone. The best in the entire game. Almost every player has a in Batting, and they will hit homerun after homerun if you are not fully prepared. Running - Okay here is where they are just average Defense - Outstanding defense, in and outfield.

Luck - Probably above-average. Prestige - Very popular of course. Besides the Ladies, you make the most money from defeating them in a league. In VS, however, you do make the most money off of them by far. Pitching - Definitely the best in the game. They still strike me out occasionally! By this time you want to have all of your stats very high and evened out. Especially beware of their Pitching, Batting, and Hitting skills.

If I had to advise you on one thing to have fully powered up, I'd probably say your pitching, because again, their Batting is the best there is. Players on the created team will have most if not all of there stats filled to their MAX. Both words should be on the top line.

Some occur often, while others happen very rarely. Some of them may not be considered glitches, I don't know. Anyway, here's the list: Yeah, I'm sure, there's no wall there When fielding, if the first, second, or third baseman has the ball, you can make it appear like that player is running into wall. With the first baseman, start running in any direction, and almost right after pressing B, hit the A button.

If done correctly, it can look like he is just running into something that's not there. It can be pretty amusing sometimes. If a runner is on second and the second baseman has the ball while standing on base, you can run to third you probably won't make and the idiot won't even try to tag you! He just throws it the third like that was the only option he had! Just remember, your runner has to be pretty fast to pull this off. How much is that gear gonna cost me? Whenever the catcher catches the ball, he loses all of his gear right then and there, only to return the next play!

That could get costly after a while! What was the call again, ump? If you hit the ball and it's strong enough to be a homerun, everybody knows that sometimes it curves and becomes foul. Well, with this, the ball curves and crosses the foul line a split second before it hits the crowd. You hear and see the umpire call a foul, but at the same time, you hear the homerun music start up, and the game goes through the homerun scene, and next the player who hit the homerun is at bat again with a homerun added to their record and also having one more strike on the board!

If there were runners on base, they are gone, but he is still at bat! Dizzy Dean Jackson, Reggie Frank? In addition, the Dreams stats are closely related to how they played in real life, at least from what I know. What's up with that? The Brave Warriors Line Up: John Quincy Adams or Hancock Calvin? James Monroe Benjamin Franklin Herbie? Again, e-mail me if you have any ideas! The players on this team are all based on some important historical figure.

Not to mention, they all have white hair, that was kind of a hint. The World Powers Line Up: Plato, ancient Greek thinker Robert? The Ghastly Monsters have a special line up as well, but it's pretty self explanitory and not worth listing here.

All players on the SNK Crushers are named after programmers, and interestingly enough, these names were used in future games produced by SNK.

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Mar 14,  · This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Baseball Stars for you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please. Jul 31,  · Baseball Stars constantly auto-saves: if you bought a power-up, got 1 measily point and spent it, you can't reset and load the old save. However, if you reset BEFORE spending the points, you'll still have your money, so you can just reset as soon as you buy the power-up (and find out how many points you got) and try to get 6 points Operating System: NES. baseball stars nes nintendo system Product information ASIN BBL5TJK Customer Reviews: out of 5 stars 31 customer reviews. out of 5 stars Best baseball game ever on NES. Published on March 29, Amazon Customer. out of 5 stars 5 Stars! Great purchase! Published on March 6, Michael Rector/5(31).