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Over 41 gives us a push on the most common outcome and a win on the second and fourth most common outcomes. They decide to average their prediction and say that they think Cincinnati is going to win by 3. There are plenty of college hoops betting pros that make money hand over fist by only betting on game winners. Basketball Tips & Free Betting Predictions

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All that matters is the checkmark in the W column. Again, the plus and minus signs indicate the favorites and the underdogs the same way as with a spread bet. You will notice, though, that the number behind each is different.

These are the payout odds for each team if you correctly pick them to win. The sportsbook has to have a way of encouraging and discouraging bets on each team. With spread bets, they do this with the point spread.

The favorite is going to pay less than even money, and the underdog is going to pay more than even money. The over-under bet in college basketball is the only bet that allows you to cheer for both teams or against both teams. With this bet, you are betting on whether the total number of points scored by both teams combined will be over or under a certain threshold. If you notice, for both Cincinnati and Providence the numbers are the same.

Basically, you can bet on whether or not both teams combined will score more than or less than points. Disregard the fact that each bet is on the same line as one of the teams. If Cincinnati scores and Providence scores 40, you win your bet because the total points scored is over If Cincinnati scores 0 points and Providence scores points, you win your bet.

That would be the most boring college basketball game in history, but you would still win your bet. If both teams combined score is exactly , then the bet would be a push, and everyone would get their money back.

Yes, you should expect to see these totals numbers in half-point increments to avoid that as well. The payout for an over bet or an under bet should always be the same. If the sportsbook needs to encourage or discourage action on one side of the bet, they will adjust the points total and not the payouts.

Prop bets in college basketball are wagers where you will bet on whether or not a certain thing will happen during a game. For example, you can bet on which team will win a particular quarter.

It does not matter who wins the game, only who scores the most in that quarter. Some of these bets will require skill and some of them are strictly for entertainment purposes. Make sure that you can recognize the difference before you get involved in prop betting, or you could be sending yourself down a bad road. March Madness is the time of year when college basketball runs a team bracket-style tournament to decide the National Champion.

The tournament is run over a few weeks during March and into early April. The term March Madness refers to, of course, the month when most of the tournament is played and the absolute madness that goes on with so many games in such a short period of time. A bracket bet is one where you select the winners of every single game of the tournament. Through different scoring systems, you will receive points for every correct pick that you make.

You make your bracket after all of the teams are selected and set in their first bracket but before the first game is played. This means that you have to predict the winners of later rounds based on who you predict is going to be in that game. Some scoring systems award equal points for all wins and some reward more points for wins in later rounds. Some systems also award extra points for picking upsets where the lower seeded team beats, the higher seed.

This happens a lot in college basketball. The bettor with the highest total number of points at the end of the tournament wins. Bracket bets can be made in a group amongst friends, or you can enter big tournaments on some of the online betting sites we listed above. From baseball and hockey to football and rugby, our bettingexpert community post thousands of betting tips every month. The username or password you entered is incorrect. Please check the username, re-type the password, and try again.

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We've resent the confirmation email. Your user account has been disabled. Please contact your system administrator to enable the account. Basketball Tips Get the best basketball tips and betting predictions for upcoming games for free from our array of expert tipsters. Post your own tip There are no tips available in english. Do you want to see tips posted in other languages? A sport that has a huge number of viewers on many different leagues, basketball games are amongst the most watched sporting events across the globe This is no different when it comes to betting.

Please see our article on sports betting bonuses and rewards for more information on the extra value you can get at online betting sites. One way to gain maximum value when total betting is to consider if there's a correlation between the total bet you're making and a game's point spread. Now, if the Steelers are When this is the case, we suggest betting the point spread and the total together in a parlay bet. To state what to many is probably obvious, in certain sports, even and odd number totals make a huge difference.

This relates to low scoring sports such as baseball, hockey, and in certain cases soccer. Keep in mind that in baseball and hockey, if a game ends in a tie, it keeps going until the tie is broken.

Since ties always represent an even amount of points, it's clear to see why an odd total outcome is more likely to occur than an even total outcome. How does this relate to soccer? In some circumstance, like elimination tournaments for example, soccer games aren't allowed to end in a tie. In such matches, a total betting line of 2. These are , , , and Notice that the only way for the under bet to win is for a shutout to happen. We've actually found occasional arbitrage bets bets where you can bet multiple sides of a game to guarantee a win just from taking this into consideration.

Totals wagers placed on soccer matches where a tie must be broken often only take the first 90 minutes of normal time into account. In that case, there would actually be six possible scorelines for the under to win. We can't stress enough the importance of avoiding sucker bets. For example, making teaser bets on totals is a long-term losing proposition that is better off avoided.

What else do suckers do? They forget to shop around for the best lines. Remember, as mentioned earlier, recreational betting sites will often shade lines or adjust odds to make things worse for those wagering on the more popular selections. This is to trap "fish" — the bettors that tend to lose frequently because they DO make sucker bets. If you don't want to be a fish, please check out our article on sucker bets and how to avoid them.


Read a simple explanation of how basketball betting works and the basic bet types, such as money line, handicap and total betting. If you're new to the world of basketball betting, this article will give you a solid background of the basics. Important Terms to Know When Betting on Basketball. Search the site GO. Hobbies & Activities. Gambling or less than the . Total betting is essentially a 50/50 proposition on whether the total points scored by both teams will go over or under the bookmaker's posted total. Also known as over/under betting, this type of wager is available on almost any sport you can think of: football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer to name a few.