Bet365 vs Betfair: which bookie is best?

Personally, I would opt for the betting exchange for several reasons: The bonus offerings in numerous markets and betting options make Bet stay ahead of Betway. By continuing to use the site you agree to our cookie policy. Betway and Sports Betting

Conclusion of the Bet365 vs Betway comparison: Bet365 wins here

Bet365 vs Betway: Additional Features

However, if we look at Betway bookmakers and their odds, the bookmaker is considered to be performing poorly. It has many betting limits, and the odds offered by the site are below average. Most of the players and experts have given it a weaker rating too. Therefore, our rating for their odds and limits goes like this:.

To catch the attention of the players, many bookmakers provide a good amount of bonuses and promotional offers. This makes such betting sites to provide hefty bonuses and welcome bonus package.

Both the sites are not far behind in providing the promotions and bonuses to the bettors. It can be seen that the players at Betway receive double the amount of the bet they have placed with the bookmaker. Betway is a pure Sportsbook site so one can get numerous options relative to eSports betting or the Sports Betting. The Live Betting provided by Betway helps in rolling over the promotional offers. However, the money back offers, bonus boosters, promos and other Sportsbook related offers make this bookie a first choice of the players because of the extra values they offer to the bettors.

So, by comparing both the bookmakers, Bet still moves ahead to Betway despite its wagering requirement. Since Bet provides many types of bonuses on every bet type rather than only the simple sports betting. The ratings for the bookmakers for their promotional and bonus offers are:.

In order to know more about both the bookmakers, i. Betway and Bet, the bookies can be compared based on the three additional features like Live streaming, Mobile App, and Cash-out options. Now, it is the time to see how these three factors help the players to know more about the Sports Betting sites. Betway provides both live streaming and betting to the bettors.

However, the only thing that makes a hassle for few players is that this option may not be available in most of the countries. Live Streaming at Betway provides a real-time betting option to the bettors that take live betting to a completely new level.

This option can also be availed by the players through the betting app of Betway. Another dilemma here in this casino is that this option is not provided for all the games so the players have to see the list before opting for live bets. On the other hand, Bet provides a seamless live streaming option to its players with no big hurdles for the bettors. The Sports bookmaker provides live betting for various events and with higher quality.

This makes it stay ahead of the competition in comparison to its various competitors. Moreover, it provides an option of broadcasting every event in real-time as the players can see the matches live directly. The live streaming works well with moderate Internet connection too.

The bookmaker Bet wins the hearts of the bettors in live streaming betting events. The power of Cash-out option at Bet is just amazing as the players have full control on stopping the bets in between and can withdraw the betting amount at any stage. The players can pause for the ongoing bets and opt for Cash-out in the 2 nd and 3 rd division matches too.

The players can keep a check on the development of their amounts and bets during live matches even if the selections are still available in plenty. There is no delay in the updates so the players can even stop their matches at the higher odds. Betway is also not far behind in satisfying its customers via the Cash-out option.

It is available on the single system and multiple sports bets. Our review offers a complete overview of both bookies' sports betting options. Both bookmakers feature all top sports front and centre: Bet goes the extra mile with its diverse selection of bets available on all major sporting events.

With quick tabs to access Asian Lines, Goals, Half, Player, Specials and 10 Minutes bets, Bet presents the richest selection of markets with the added plus of simple navigation. The handicapping options are virtually limitless, which is a nice plus for experienced bettors looking for more complex bets. The bookies offer a very similar spread in terms of odds. Small variations do occur, but with its larger player base Bet tends to offer more competitive pricing than Betfair.

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How much does Bet spend on marketing in the UK? What is the best way of winning on Betfair? Is Betfair a scam? What is your review of Betfair?


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