Football gambling: bet once, lose everything

In our example above a win is worth RMB: Football was essentially invented in our country. Today football betting is one of the core products of Chinese Sports Lottery. Under the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Regulations on the Administration of Lottery , the only sports betting operation permitted in China is the Chinese Sports Lottery, which authorizes wagering on soccer, basketball, and baseball. Internet Censorship Issues

Guangzhou R&F F.C. Form Guide

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All of these companies are huge betting brands, with a presence in a large number of countries worldwide. The other three are currently or have previously been EPL sponsors, are well regulated and highly respected in the gambling industry.

In order to use these sites you will need to make a deposit. The good news is this is possible using your Chinese Unionpay debit card. Say for example, you deposit RMB into your account. You bet RMB that Guangzhou will win at odds of 2. First off, your balance becomes , as your stake is deducted from your balance of If that bet wins, the RMB stake is returned to your account balance and the winnings are added too. In our example above a win is worth RMB: So overall your account balance will have increased to RMB.

Of course if Guangzhou lose or draw, your balance will stay at At any time you want to cash out your money, you can visit the bookies online cashier to request a payout. You can withdraw any amount up to one hundred percent of your balance. So if you have in your account, you can cash out any amount up to Once you make a cashout request, they will deduct the amount from you balance and pay it to your bank account in business days.

Generally speaking, the minimum cashout is RMB. The last thing to note is that foreign bookies do not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. Lottery shops such as those above can be found in every city and town throughout the whole of China. An occasional hassle with using foreign gambling sites is internet censorship. If you visit a particular site you might find that it is blocked. That is because it is one of hundreds of mirror sites has set up to help Chinese punters get around internet censorship.

If ever you are using a bookie website that stops working due to internet blocks, just search the companies name at Baidu. If you get stuck, you can always email them for help or use a VPN. Football was essentially invented in our country. FIFA recognizes cuju played here during the 2nd-3rd century BCE as the earliest form of football for which there is evidence. In short it is safe to say that Chinese have likely been betting on football matches for over 2, years.

Today football betting is one of the core products of Chinese Sports Lottery. With the football version of sports lottery we have many games.

I will focus on this main lottery to show that the odds are poor. To compare, let me use issue held on 10 March The 14 games and their results for this football pool were as follows:. QP Rangers 3 vs. Aston Villa 2 2. West Brom 2 vs. Bayern Munich 3 vs. La Coruna 0 1. The part I noted in brackets like this is what the odds were at 1xBet for the winning bet.

Making the exact same bet with an online bookie, is slightly confusing. For our example above, this is what the payout would have been at 1xBet for the exact same bet we placed with the Sporttery. If you got 13 of 14 correct the payout would be different depending which match you got wrong. Where it becomes extremely significant is if you got all 14 correct; for your 0. With sports lottery you are not paid extra on 13 of 14 if you get 14 of 14 it is one prize only.

At 1xBet you would have also won 14 different fold round robin bets. The same is true for all other products the sports lottery offers. Online bookies always have better odds. Of course the above was just an example of a single draw. The exact comparison to 1xBet changes often. It depends how many others win. I have never seen an example where Sports Lotto paid higher.

When it comes to football betting if you want to play lottery style where you select many teams then 1xBet is best. Investments in ETFs can include those with a narrow or targeted investment strategy and can be subject to similar sector risks than more broadly diversified investments. Motif makes no representation regarding the suitability of a particular investment or investment strategy.

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Online Sports Betting in Mainland China. Here on the Chinese Mainland, government contracted and licensed betting shops known as the Chinese Sports Lottery (Sporttery) can be . Sports Betting Online In China. Click for Chinese version – 点此进入中文版 Betting football and other sports is popular in China with government Sporttery terminals available in most cities for European football and American basketball betting. Betting shops can be found spread all over most cities. Also, Beijing, Tianjin, and Guangdong have approved online betting and now run it through major internet companies that receive 1% .