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Match colors to your site Responsive , mobile-friendly designs Show Me How. Customize Styles Make your scoreboard fit on your site. In support of our sports webmasters, our technicians have designed an easy-to-add widget that will take only minutes of your time. Try Google Play with Chrome. If an update fails because there is no network connectivity, it will immediately update the next time a connection is established. Our Products

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Make a Scoreboard Widget Live high school sports scores on your website. Get Started ScoreStream scoreboard widgets are available in either vertical or banner layouts. Pick the one that is right for your design and drop it into your website. Banner Scoreboard. Live Score Widgets. Live Score Widgets for You Visitors. Select Sport. Soccer Sidebar, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball and American Football. 1) Sidebar Live . This allows you to place different sports and teams on multiple widgets to keep them separated. IMPORTANT NOTES: If you are only seeing the Scores Widget icon that displays settings when clicked, you have not added the actual widget to your home screen/5().