Become a Referee

To maintain this status, the official must remain active and submit for re-evaluation at regular intervals, as prescribed by VC's National Referee Committee. In the first situation it sounded like the ball is not yet in danger of the play so the referee didn't blow the whistle. How do setting "numbers" locations work? Also, sometimes the ball will get wet. Referee Hand Signals

Volleyball Referee (R1)


First, read below for the qualifications required to become a certified referee. Provincial Indoor and Beach. Being active as a local referee for at least one full season. Participating in a provincial referees' clinic and successfully completing written and practical examination. Being active as a Provincial Referee for at least one full season; Attending an advanced official's clinic for upgrading; Written and practical examination for a Regional referee's certificate; Approval by National Officials' Committee.

Being active as a Regional Referee for at least three years; Recommendations of the Regional Officials' Chairperson for upgrading, based on activity, qualification and personal abilities; Keeping the National Referee Committee advised of assignments at major tournaments as specified.

Attending designated clinics conducted by certified Course Conductors; Submitting to a written and practical examination administered by the National Referee Committee at a major competition recognized for this purpose; Approval by National Referee Committee. The second referee or umpire stands on the ground on the opposite side of the court from the first referee. The second referee should position themselves so they can effectively transition from one side of the net to the other when the ball is in play.

The second referee should assist the first referee hand signaling the first referee or blowing the whistle to make calls in order for the match to run as smoothly as possible.

When the scorekeeper has finished recording the subs, a hand signal is given to the first referee signaling play is ready. The second referee times the time outs, whistles at the end of time, and signals how many time outs have been taken by each team. Did you find this page helpful? If so, I'd be incredibly grateful if you considered sharing it with a friend who might find it useful as well. In addition to helping them out, it also helps strength-and-power-for-volleyball.

Officiating high school basketball is unquestionably the most challenging, demanding but rewarding high school sport to officiate. You are expected to be perfect in your first game and then get better after that.

In what other high school sport are the coaches, players and fans so close to the action and people more attuned to the rules or at least they think they are than in basketball?

Every call is scrutinized by someone. In New Hampshire, there are active officials all vying for a competitive schedule. Because the competition for games, both during the regular season and the tournament, is so keen, it is critical for every basketball officials organization to do everything that it can to create an evaluation system that easily understood and allows the official to have some ability to influence his or her rating and not rely solely on others for the rating.

Officials may not be happy with the result but at least they will understand how it was determined. In addition to an evaluation system, there are other considerations within the control of the official.

The use of proper NFHS mechanics is totally controlled by the official, but how many times have we seen officials used improper signals? Physical conditioning is also under the control of the official. What should an official do during the season and off season to assure that he or she is in the best possible condition to keep up with the play?


Officiating volleyball tips. Key points and important guidelines to refereeing junior olympic volleyball. Knowing the rules and calling a consistent game goes a long way. Enforce the rules of the game with new volleyball referee equipment from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Find the referee gear you need from top brands. HOW TO BECOME A CERTIFIED USA Volleyball Official Concise presentation on the steps to become a USA Volleyball Certified Referee or Scorer.