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Round handles also provide additional lift when you hit the ball. Republishing or distribution of content is NOT permitted. Rest the toe of the bat on the ground behind your feet near the wicket; your top hand will rest on the inside of the thigh nearest the bowler. First up is […] Cricket Fielding Tips Video Fielding is one of the most important parts of cricket, a match can be won or lost in the field. Dream11 Contact Email Id: Get FREE Tips In Inbox

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Jul 15,  · Batting Tips by Michael Slater and Ian Healy. Cricket Batting Tips Videos. Cricket Batting Tips Masterclass 1. Cricket Batting Tips Masterclass 2. If you have any questions, or want to share some tips of your own, post them using the form below. Good luck and train hard! All the best, Ian Canaway The Cricket School - Online Cricket Coaching Videos on How To Play Cricket & Improve your playing in HD with Best Tips / Tricks / Drills. Left Handed Cricket Batting Tips Tutorials Coaching.