A glossary of cricket terms

Swing A ball that curves through the air, as opposed to off the seam. Key Records No discussion of cricket statistics would be complete without mention of some of the most significant records, so here is a selection taken from test cricket, the highest form of the game. The image with overlay below shows what is happening when a ball is being bowled and which of the personnel are on or close to the pitch. Lewis Hamilton reaffirms his class, Ferrari's flawed tyre strategy and other talking points. Handled the ball - If the batsmen deliberately touches the ball with his hands he can be given out. ASIA CUP 2018

Example sentences containing 'score'

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cricket scores and statistics” is an empty one. Once one has a sound knowledge of cricket, understanding scoring is a given. Therefore this article contributes nothing. Another possible source is the Middle Dutch word "krickstoel", meaning a long low stool used for kneeling in church and which resembled the long low wicket with two stumps used in early cricket. If the team that bats last scores enough runs to win, it is said to have "won by n wickets", where n is the number of wickets left to gamecafe.cfent: cricket ball, cricket bat, wicket (stumps, bails), various protective equipment. Live cricket scores and commentary from around the world, updated real-time, from ESPN Cricinfo.