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The more you tighten the left hand, the more you will be able to hit hard. I have played regular cricket for a number of years but am now not able to spend the many hours required on weekends to play. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Free Cricket Betting Tips

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When bowling in indoor cricket though, I am getting worse results than players who on the face of it appear to be much worse bowlers. Clearly I am not adapting my game to the different requirements of indoor cricket. I tend to get driven to the back fence a lot.

Can anyone outline the approach to take when bowling in indoor cricket, given the type of bowler I have been in outdoor cricket? As a person who has never played indoor cricket, I cannot pin-point any differences. However, while I play with leather balls and tennis balls, I notice that there is a marked difference in batting and bowling techniques.

Timing the ball is of utmost importance while batting in leather ball cricket and hitting the ball hard is optional, as timing can get the ball to the boundary with very little effort.

However in tennis ball cricket, timing is obsolete and power is everything as the ball is very light comparatively and hardly has any momentum while travelling forward compared to a leather ball. I guess the same goes with indoor cricket, as there isn't a huge distance for the ball to be covered. The adjustment I try to make during bowling with a tennis ball is to knock off the pace for beginners, which forces genuine batsmen to use all their power in getting the ball over the infield or to the boundary.

To tail-enders and players who find batting hard, I bowl with full speed which gives them less time to adjust to a particular shot, thereby increasing my changes of getting a wicket.

The other adjustment is with the length. As there is no swing with a tennis ball, I drop try to pitch the ball on the short of length spot. However, the margin of error in tennis ball is very less. Drop the ball short and the ball literally stops and stands to be hit over cover or mid-wicket or hooked to the square-leg boundary.

Considering that the balls used in indoor cricket are lighter than the actual leather balls used in outdoor cricket, the above tips might be of help. It takes a bit of practice and knowledge of the places where you can pitch the ball which can help you as you go along.

This generally comes with experience. So, I guess the answer would be to play and learn as you go along with each practice session or match and thereby fine-tuning your bowling strengths to indoor cricket bowling. I also had this problem. Initially I would go for lot of runs with a tennis ball, but now I try to hold my nerve and bowl a short of a length outside off line.

To prevent the batsman from running the ball fine or late cutting it, bluff him with a slip. At the death change your pace a lot and bowl short of length quick and into ribs no room. Slower balls must be well outside off, even if the batsman gets deceived by the slowness you will get slog swept over midwicket, if it is wide he has to reach for it.

The best answer is to bowl in a manner that the batsmen cant hit the "down-up-net" shot. It is where the batsmen hits the ball into the ground and lets the ball bounce high up against the net, this giving him the 1 bonus run and enables him to run the single very easy, scoring 2 runs of every ball is the name of the game and hitting into the ground not to loose your wicket.

So how do you bowl to avoid this? I found it very difficult for the batsmen to play the "down-up-net" shot when the delivery bounces knee or hip height with medium pace.

Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? I mean wbom should I choose or whom should I not choose. Please suggest some good winning combo tricks.

Dear Bro, If there is only Multiple entry M and doesnt fill it up, is there any chance they will cancel the league? Nowadays, they are implementing different settings for different types of leagues. I selected 11 players but two or more players is not participating the game so i earned zero points.. Please help me for how to identify all playing 11 players.. Provide some useful tricks and websites..

Please guide me bro. It was not possible to reply all of you individually. So, I only want to say is that.. Because this game is all about luck, if your luck works.

You will be able to make Millions. How to find exact playing 11 which are playing in team …… many times i lost bcoz my players dont play I always chck cricbuzz but they give false info. Please let me know…. Hi bro, I like this game. But i joined many times. Really its dis appointing.

There is no use to play. Is their any way to win the match. Can you please help me. Thank you for share your tricks and i really greatful to you.. If there are 2 winners tied for the 1st position, the sum of the 1st and 2nd position prize money will be distributed equally between these 2 winners and the next highest scorer will be awarded the prize money for the 3rd position.

It will leads to earn maximum… How much you earned by applying these tricks.. For Captain or Vice-Captain whom should I select batsman or all rounder. If I select all rounder as C or VC. If his bowling performance is bad I loose points more because of his economy rate. I prefer to give Captaincy to Batsman over All Rounder. Only for Vice Captain I can prefer all rounder only if someone deserves it.

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