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Since the breakaway of the PDC players, there has been much debate about the relative merits of the players within each organisation. We only had 2 matches to play now in the West Kent Federation Tournament, first round, as Keston and Tatsfield dropped out. Michael van Gerwen beat Raymond van Barneveld in the final. 3 games to 2.


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With the chanting and music and drunken revelry, the UK really knows how to make a party out of anything. The best part about this without a doubt is the cheering and the hype. Here's an hour long compilation of just that: That first clip from , he wins , pounds? Insane prize, good on him. That would be worth over k now. Cool look into a whole culture I know nothing about.

Can someone explain why he didn't keep going for the red 20 space he kept getting for the last two darts? The game is to score exactly points and finish on a double in the outside ring. From he shot, 60, 57, and double 12 for 24 points to win. So one must both throw sharpened things into precise locations and do math in order to achieve victory, while drunk? Ok, quiet in the room, he needs 26 points to win, he's got 2 nukes left and he seems to be drawing a bead on the Janssen crater on the southern lunar limb for the 20, then he'll have to really curve it to hit the Knox-Shaw way on the east side for the win Ya, you gotta know the 2x and 3x tables for numbers and know all the combinations of three darts for or less that total that amount with the last shot being in the 2x table.

Ah man, that is funny. Darts is ubiquitous in the UK, so it would be hard to find anyone who didn't know that. You and your opponent can optionally choose to play type games in "single-out" or "double-out". Why did his opponent switch to the trip 19s after missing the trip 20s?

Just because he thought he couldn't hit the 20s? Players use the darts that are in the board to guide their following darts in, which done properly, gives a much larger room for error on the second and third throws. Because of this, van Barneveld would like his misses to be underneath the treble 20 so his following darts have something to guide them in called a 'Marker'.

With the first dart landing over top of the treble, van Barneveld switches to the next highest scoring region on the board, treble 19, because his first dart has somewhat blocked the 20s.

Lewis' darts land in the board at a steep upward angle, so he is actually able to use the bottom of the dart to guide his others in. He would gladly take a dart missing above treble 20, but would often switch to 19 if he missed below. I was thinking the same thing. What's even more impressive is that the darts were clearly set up for van Barneveld.

Lewis likes a more tail-happy dart. At this time I was doing debate in high school, and I stopped what I was doing because my brain finally decided to register that the man babbling on the TV was conveying through words alone the most pure form of tension and excitement i'd ever heard, and I should listen intently. I had no idea what he was actually referring to as he was managing to avoid using any jargon or direct descriptions of actions, but from the way he spoke and the words he used I would've likely guessed "The Apocalypse".

If this man had been selling children on the street I would've bought one, it was that good. So you can imagine my surprise when I turned around, watched a decently overweight guy nail the triple 20 3 times, and as far as the announcer was concerned the world. Darts tournaments are one of a few things in Britain that are largely hidden from the mainstream but absolutely huge when you uncover them. The best players are basically rock stars. I've never been to a tournament but, as you can tell, they are supposed to be full on mental booze fests.

I love watching darts drunk Been to the World Championship the last 3 years, best night of the year, absolutely fantastic atmosphere. Honestly judging from the shots of the audience, it looks like if you made a bar into a stadium setting and the darts setup happened to be in the middle of the center stage and all the competitors are just regulars who go to that bar a lot and got good while drinking.

I would expect nothing less from the UK. Darts is fucking amazing. Just makes me proud to be british for some reason. Maybe it's the atmosphere. This is the best 9 darter ever, considering he had to start with a double in this competition. The last dart has to hit a double score mark. Hitting three triple 20's gives him each of the first two rounds, so he is at over all. On his last round, with a triple 20, he is at Then a triple 19 score of 57 he is now at 24, which is equal to the double 12 for the win.

What happens if he was at lets say 24 and hit a triple 20, would it just still be 24 the next time he throws? If it was the last dart as described above 2 darts gone and looking to hit double 12 he would be bust and return to If he has 3 darts and a 24 'out' and hits trip 20 on any dart he would return to Interesting, so I think this sounds like the most complete reply between the two types of responses I got. So basically he returns to the position he was when his turn started it sounds like.

Its very hard to become that accurate consistently.. The guy who lost the leg won the match. Also he used to be the Ronaldo or Messi of Darts.

He's done his share of 9-darters. He is currently the no. He's getting in form now, I believe. I don't really follow the sport, but two friends of mine do. I was in London last year around this time and I remember going to a pub and all that was on their TV was this darts championship. I didn't know it was so popular! Prince Harry was in the same audience earlier in the week. I love how the European crowd becomes this cohesive single thing with it's shouts and chants.

When van Barneveld misses the 60, why does he go for 57? Why not keep going for 60? I'm sure it's a rules thing, just curious. It's nothing to do with the rules.

It's a personal preference because the treble 20 is being blocked slightly by the first dart. You're better off hitting an easier 57 than going for the 60 and bouncing your dart off the first one and hitting a 1 or a 5. Darts is insanely popular in the UK but it's not without controversy. A couple of years ago at the PDC World Championships a player threw one of his darts into the crowd, sticking a young woman in her face just below her eye.

He was banned for life from playing, prosecuted and spent 15 months in prison. Here's a video of the incident. It's not that hard. Leave your kids on the side of a road. Drink massive amounts of booze all day and stay at a bar doing nothing but throw darts for your life. Those triples ain't no joke. My buddy and I decided to "double in" on an electronic dartboard, it took us ten minutes to start the game ha!!!

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