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TwinSpires is one of the most trusted horse racing apps in the business. Wagering on virtual horse races is more common in Europe and other regulated markets internationally. More tracks and races than anyone else. How To Get Started

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But do you have to be an Excel expert to use it? Dave — The spreadsheets are just examples of what I use. To use them for yourself, you would need to know the basics of Excel. My notebook scribbling are no longer sufficient. Thank you, and please send the spreadsheet. Peter — Yes — in my case thank goodness for computers. I can very rarely re-read later what I so illegibly wrote originally! Spreadsheet on its way.

Gary — This modeling idea sounds spot on. Wish I would have heard of Sartin years ago when I first started playing the ponies. Your email address will not be published. Stay informed - sign up to our newsletter! Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists. The Handicapping Model — This model can be as extensive, or as minimal as is your particular approach to the game.

Again — this is information you must have. Bet Management Going this extra step provides me with better insight, and better paying winners. Please send a copy of the spread sheets Thank you bob. Bob — Done — Gary. Jim December 29, Can you please send or resend as the case may be.

Len Mertz December 29, Jim November 25, Gary, Can I get a copy of this template? Thanks in advance Jim. Jerry September 5, Matt July 14, If possible to get a look the spreadsheet it would be greatly appropriated. Bill December 5, Gary, Please provide me with your spreadsheet.

I confirm that I am the account holder; of legal gambling age; and currently located as indicated in the drop-down menu. To view this video please upgrade to a web browser that supports HTML5 video. Sign up today by completing our fast and easy registration process - in less than two minutes! Bet and watch live races from over tracks and compete in daily handicapping contests. Legal, safe and secure betting for U.

Legal, safe and secure greyhound and horse betting for U. Watch every race live on your mobile. Watch every race live on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Wide range of deposit and payout options.

A break occurs when a horse goes offstride and into a gallop. Breakage is generally split between the track and state and in some cases, breeding or other funds, in varying proportions. Often known by the trade names Butazolidin and Butazone. Another term for a program of horse racing. For example, a person may refer to there being twelve races on the card, which simply means twelve horse races will be staged on that particular day.

Such as Fillies, 3-year-olds, non-winners of two races other than maiden or claiming etc. To collect, you must select the winner of two consecutive races. For example, you must select the winner of the first race and the second race. Wagers must be placed before the first of your two races. EASED - chart caller's assessment of a horse that is being deliberately slowed by the jockey to prevent injury or harm to the horse. To collect, you must pick the horses that finish first and second in exact order.

For example, if you play a exacta, the 4 horse must Win and the 7 horse must Place come in second for you to win the exacta payoff. Is made to guarantee the outcome of the first two finishers regardless of which horse wins. For example, if you box the 4 and 7 horses and either the 4 or the 7 horse wins and finishes second, you win.

It is more drastic than weakened but less drastic than stopped. GAIT - the ways in which a horse can move - walk, trot, canter, gallop, run, etc. Also, to handicap a race, to make selections on the basis of the past performances.

Specifically, an entire male 5 years old or older. Also a horse or pony who accompanies a starter to post. To collect, you must pick the winners of three consecutive races. You must make your selections before the first race of your Pick 3 wager. To collect, you must pick the winners of four consecutive races.

You must make your selections before the first race of your Pick 4 wager. To collect, you must pick the winners of six consecutive races. You must make your selections before the first race of your Pick 6 wager. The Pick 6 wager can offer the largest payoffs in racing. However, if your horse wins, you only collect the Place payout. The quarter pole, for instance, is a quarter of a mile from the finish, not from the start.

You collect if your horse finishes first, second or third, but you collect only the Show payout. Some stakes races are by invitation and require no payment or fee. Is similar to an exacta and trifecta, except you must pick the horses that finish first, second, third and fourth in exact order. Also figures out and displays payoffs. Is similar to an exacta, except you must pick the horses that finish first, second, and third in exact order.


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