Predicting which NBA stars make the 2020 Olympic basketball team

Not only are young teams going to be near the top of this list, but so are proven teams that will still be going strong in Aaron Gordon will be playing somewhere but his position on the court has always been the question. The Lakers will soon be out of the lottery and into the playoffs. France A skilled combo guard with big time athletic ability. Promo Title

Damian Lillard (guard)

by Andrew Lynch

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Solid job, Larry Bird. Their roster looks good right now on paper and they could still be close to their prime in but so did the Lakers with Dwight Howard, and we all know how that turned out. The Pacers don't have the same hype that the Lakers had because they don't have the big names like the Lakers did but they are slowly building a winner in Indiana. The Wizards have John Wall.

In a league dominated by point guards, it is essential to have one like Wall. He can do it all, score, assist, and defend. He really is irreplaceable when it comes to the Wizards. Any team would love to have him. The rest of the team is a little bit less talented, but at least Wall has Bradley Beal to grow with, and the Wizards also have Otto Porter who is a very good defender. He has the athleticism to be one of the best points guards in the league he just needs to put it all together. He already thinks he is a top three point guard which is questionable, but what isn't questionable is his desire to be great.

He has the physical tools and the right attitude. He will determine how high the Wizards fly. The Celtics have a great supporting cast without a superstar. Although they had the third pick in this past draft, I'm not sure they found their star. There are many questions about Jaylen Brown and the pick was a bit risky. In my opinion, the better move would have been trading for Jahlil Okafor.

He could have been the franchise centerpiece they desperately need. The Celtics are already a playoff team but who knows if the mighty Isaiah Thomas can keep it up. The Celtics are also a big free agency team. They need to be more active this year and in future years, because they are a city with a rich basketball tradition. They shouldn't have any trouble reeling in the big fish because they have such a great history.

If they can't land a big free agent, they still have Brooklyn's draft pick for the next few years, which will likely convey into the lottery considering how bad the Nets' situation is right now. The Blazers just recently overhauled their roster this past offseason but they still found ways to win. McCollum stepped up and took on new roles. McCollum flourished with his bigger role.

He became the NBA's most improved player this season. The Trail Blazers have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming years. They seem to have two perennial all stars. Allen Crabbe is another young guy who was given a chance to shine last season and took full advantage of it. He is currently a restricted free agent and many teams are looking to pick him up as a potential star. The Blazers weren't expecting to be good this soon but they have found many diamonds in the rough. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that their core left this past offseason.

They don't seem to be fazed in the least. The Bucks have a strong foundation that they will be building upon in the upcoming years. The Bucks have all of the supporting pieces, now they just need to go out and get themselves a star. They hope that the star can be found in Jabari Parker, the second overall pick in the NBA draft. The Bucks will be a good team by They have great a great defense, and their offense is improving. I would be very surprised if they don't make deep runs into the playoffs very soon and shake up the league.

The Bucks along with many other franchises must be sick of watching the same few teams run the association. Here is a good chance to break up the power in the league. The San Antonio Spurs have found a winning formula and there is no reason to abandon it. Sure they may not have much other than that, but since when has that stopped the Gregg Popovich. Pop will plug in anyone and they will play smart and efficiently.

I could also see the Spurs drawing in a high-caliber free agent within the next few offseasons. The Spurs front office will be trying to replace guards Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili with young promising players. Or they might just continue to build through the draft considering how well they develop players. Los Angeles will never be bad for a long period of time. They are such an attractive destination for free agents and with young players like D'Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, and Julius Randle, even if they haven't had much success lately.

The Lakers will soon be out of the lottery and into the playoffs. It might not be next year, or two years from now, but by look out for the Lakers, they will look to establish a bona fide post-Kobe Bryant era. The Lakers have just recently signed Timofey Mozgov which falls in line with their reputation of signing centers in free agency. As if following the big men who preceded him isn't enough pressure, his deal is huge, probably a deal he can't live up to.

I don't think the Lakers are done this year in free agency and they will definitely be active for years to come. As long as the Lakers are in the league, they will be near the top. The Pelicans have their franchise centerpiece in Anthony Davis. They just need to surround him with better players. The Pelicans realize what they have to do and started with Buddy Hield.

Hield is a great scorer and could complement Davis extremely well. With a perimeter threat like Hield, any double team that the defense throws Davis' way, he can kick it out to Hield for an open 3-ball. Davis' health is the main concern for the Pelicans. He always seems to have some sort of ailment. He needs to stay healthy for the sake of the franchise. Jrue Holiday is another injury prone guy to go along with Davis.

He was a strong player with the Sixers a few years ago, but hasn't been the same since. Ryan Anderson and Tyreke Evans are solid but not much to write home about. Evans hasn't panned out to be the player he was supposed to be, and Anderson is solely 3-point shooter without much of an inside game.

The Pelicans need to keep their players healthy and give Davis some help. The Golden State Warriors will still be good in The team will most likely stay intact and the 3-point mentality can last much longer than a physical style of play can.

The one question is about Curry's ankles, and the Warriors' longevity will be decided by them. Will his surgeries catch up to him or will he stay healthy and continue his dominance?


The NBA has been in full swing for a few weeks now, but it's still too early to make serious conclusions about most of the teams around the league. The NBA has long had one of the more lenient stances on marijuana in pro sports, but the changing tide is putting pressure on the league to . There's already so much talk about the year these days (for reasons that have nothing to do with basketball), it's pretty easy to think of what the NBA might look like by then as well. The.