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Using Bitcoin At Bovada Bitcoin is one of the best ways to bet on sports online, and using bitcoin at Bovada is very easy. Every site found on www. And the customer service at Bovada can best be described as efficiently awesome. FAQ's About USA Online Sports Betting

Our Review Process For Vetting US Friendly Online Sportsbooks

The US Market is Unregulated

This is a fact it would be wise to understand early. Again, the US betting sites recommended on this page are considered reputable but the odd disputes do occur with almost every sportsbook.

Do cash out often and keep your bankroll under control regardless. The majority of sportsbook review portals are operated by affiliates whose only concern is making a commission when you click one of their links and make a deposit.

Likewise, their goal is to advertise online betting sites that pay high commissions and have the best credit and debit card acceptance rates. The unfortunate truth is the more reputable a site is the less convenient it is to deposit. Person to Person P2P Transfer is a deposit method that most often involves taking cash to your local supermarket or Wal-Mart to make a deposit. P2P is a great way to deposit money to online betting sites.

This of course sounds odd and unnatural to most Americans as we usually associate P2P transfers with Nigerian s or other types of scams. In betting however, this is not the case. The best reason to use P2P to deposit is that when using this method most sites will also issue payouts back to you via this method as well. Therefore using P2P for deposits and P2P for payouts is most ideal. This is a method offered by www. This way both you and they can monitor it while in transit.

Understand credit card is not a horrible method to deposit. You can attempt to deposit with this method at most online sportsbooks. There is however a risk that your bank if it is a debit card or credit card company if it is a credit card might close your account. With only a small number of transactions the risks might be low — however when making many deposits you are better off using P2P. E-checks are scams — Please understand no reputable US friendly betting sites accept e-check.

You might be able to find sites such as Oddsmaker. There are some online sportsbooks on the market and most all are NOT reputable. Many sports betting sites , as in those that review sportsbooks, will recommended whatever websites pays them the highest affiliate rate.

The problem here is shady sites depend more on affiliates than reputable ones and therefore pay much higher. So what you will find marketed at review portals is mostly problematic sites. The websites below are listed in order of which I view are best for those new to sports betting online. If the section with complaints or player vs. For most every other betting sites I know of servicing the US an entire page is needed to cover their issues and risks.

These below are my sincere best picks. This is one of the few gambling sites it is possible to deposit with VISA debit or credit cards issued from a US bank. The reason they are rated 1 on this page is because they have what most readers first searching for a US sportsbook are looking for. They also have a nice sign-up bonus which is a huge plus for beginners.

This is a good book to start off with. They support all the features recreational players are interested in. Their website is accessible on both desktop clients as well as mobile phones. If you enjoy other gambling products Bovada has much on offer here as well. Their poker room is on the same network as popular Asian bookie Bodog This site brings tons of players from Asia that have little to no poker experience to the online tables.

As a result the poker games at Bovada are most often softer than can be found elsewhere online. You can learn about their impressive history in our Bovada review. While a great book to get started at serious players after clearing the bonus, should be tempted to look into 5Dimes or Bookmaker which are also covered on this page.

The most common complaint with Bovada is they are slow to post lines. This is because Bovada mostly services recreational players and wishes to keep the professional players at bay.

This brings another common complaint of low betting limits. The bottom line is that Bovada is a decent site for recreational players betting up to a few hundred per game.

Other than MANY spots to pick off extra small money, they do not offer enough to attract large sharp bettors. One of the things I like about Bovada is they have reps all over the internet. When small disputes come up they are quick to get them handled. There were periods in mid and in late that Bovada payouts were delayed. These have long since been resolved and checks are coming in about a week. Going back several years ago, there were live betting disputes too when they were still known as Bodog.

Ultimately due to their strong presence on forums serious Bovada disputes are quite rare. In my article on sports betting bonuses I properly show the reason 5Dimes reduced juice is worth far more than bonus offers.

The entire product of 5Dimes is offering players the best value. This applies not only to sports betting but also to their poker room and casino. In their poker room rake rebates are available. In the bonus casino every single wagering option has higher payouts than found in any casino anywhere in the world. At Pai Gow players get paid 1. This applies to all bets for all games. It is the only place US bettors can get access to odds on some of the smallest leagues around the world.

Lower level tennis matches, minor soccer leagues, etc. Also take for example Formula 1 betting. For golf, tennis, and outright markets such as which team will win the Super Bowl, 5Dimes on average has bigger payouts than any other sportsbook in the world. This site has many other neat features such as rolling-if bets, pleasers, excellent teaser odds and much more. They also have a streak for cash contest, have office pools sheets , etc.

It would however take a book to write about all that 5Dimes has to offer. Again, nothing flashy, 5Dimes offers just a simple fully functional interface with the best odds, most markets, and best add-ons.

This is the site the serious low to mid-stakes bettors use to find the most value and is the site best suited for the majority of recreational players. One occasional complaint that comes up about 5Dimes is website reliability. There are times during peak hours it will lag. When this happens players are advised to try their mirror site propbet. This mirror site functions just the same as their main website. Also what you need to understand is if you cheat 5dimes in anyway, their general manager Tony Williams will chew you up, spit you out, and think nothing of doing so.

Do not expect any sort of good customer service here if you are an angle shooter. In fact, beware as this is not the site to even think about cheating.

One of the biggest issues with 5Dimes is that in the event of a player dispute their General Manager Tony Williams is the prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. He is fair guy that prides himself on offering the best value and odds in the industry and he has a great history for payouts.

But, his say is final. There is not arbitration available at this book. I can however confidently say, history has shown that if you beat his book for any amount of money no matter how large doing so fair and square, he always pays prompt. The rare time issues come up are times the player either shot an angle or was benefiting from gross-human error.

For example past posting is betting after a game was already played. There have been times where they had the wrong start time and someone was able to bet after the game had already ben played.

Another scenario is betting into obvious mistakes. Another scenario is errors in the pay table. The rare disputes that hit betting forums about 5Dimes are almost always of such nature. Our detailed sportsbook reviews speak to what we like and dislike about each site and what perks are offered to help you decide on where to play. Find the best online sportsbook bonuses for USA players.

We explain how sportsbook bonuses work and why the smart gamblers look for them. This section provides news headlines, articles to help players improve results, as well as some hearty entertainment through intriguing and comical articles. There are a lot of reasons why the majority of USA sports betting players hold an account at Bovada.

The biggest draw is the fact that they are part of the Bodog group, one of the biggest names in online sports betting. They launched Bovada in to cater strictly to US players and have consistently provided their customers with a first rate service they can trust. So the action is non stop at Bovada and all of these betting features can be enjoyed with only 1 player account.

We are just scratching the surface with what Bovada has to offer players. Read our full review to see all the reasons why we absolutely love Bovada.

Below is our list of the top 5 online sportsbooks that accept USA players. We bet on sports too, so rest assured that the bookmakers we recommend are the absolute cream of the crop 5 star sites available to USA players. As a matter of fact we've recently ditched 2 sites that we didn't feel were living up to the high standards we feel every sportsbook should strive for.

We are not lawyers so we cannot answer this question for you. However we can provide you with all the information necessary regarding legal online sports betting, so you can make your own determination as to whether or not you want to proceed with betting online.

Things are changing rapidly regarding legal online gambling in the United States. Just in the past 2 years we now have 3 states which currently offer legal and regulated betting options with more expected to do the same. Until we are further along in the USA, players can always play at offshore sites that are legally licensed and regulated in their respective jurisdictions. While we can't say if this is legal or not, we can tell you that no player has ever been charged or prosecuted for betting at an offshore site.

The government isn't interested in throwing players in jail, they are interested in tax revenue. So if you do decide to play offshore, just keep good records of all your wins and losses and make sure to report everything on your These are some of the most common questions pertaining to USA sports betting laws.

Our legal section goes into great detail about each of these sports betting laws and how they affect USA players. While we don't claim to be lawyers, our legal section shoots straight from the hip and offers players the basic information they need to make an informed decision about betting online as a player who lives in the United States.

Really everything we do on our site is to help players find reputable and licensed offshore sites to bet with until things change on the legal front in the United States.

Since none of the states currently offer regulated sports betting on the state level, we list the best offshore options for players to choose from. As of late many online sportsbooks are pulling out of certain states for various reasons, so naturally we felt that a state specific guide would help players find up to date information on where they can bet legally if they live in a particular state. We also offer interesting tidbits and statistics on each state, team reviews and much more.

You can check out our state sports betting guide here.


Legal Sports Betting In The United States When starting your search for sites that allow legal online sports betting in the USA, one key issue to address is the risk involved in betting on sports. In broad terms, no sports betting site is “legal” in the eyes of the United States government. Legal US Online Sports Betting. Is Online Sports Betting Legal In The United States? While the US does not allow anyone to operate a online sportsbook within US borders, this does not eliminate the option of visiting certified offshore brands. There are no federal laws prohibiting this type of . Legal US Online Sports Betting Sites for It is unclear how many American citizens bet illegally on sports and the American Gaming Association. estimates it at around $ billion annually. Everyone’s focus is the Supreme Court, likely to decide within the next few months to hear Governor Christie’s appeal. Legal US Licensing.