All time Past 30 days Past 7 days Today Newest. The best 2 out of 3 sets the most common. Add more favorite teams from the list below based on your geolocation. Four thoughts on the Davis Cup semifinals, and a big question for Noah, Paire, Tiafoe and Coric had big weekends, as Croatia and France reached the final. The tennis plutonium that is polyester string plays a big role here, prolonging points and enabling encouraging? Current Tournament

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After Querrey forces fifth rubber, Coric tops Tiafoe in five sets for victory. France, Croatia set up "inspired" re-run of World Cup soccer final It's France's third final in four years, while Croatia is in it's second in three years.

Sep 16, by Kamakshi Tandon. Sep 16, by AP. Thiem beats De Minaur to give Austria win over Australia Thiem had to come back twice from a break down in the fourth set. Already out, Spain salvages pride against France in Davis Cup 18 hours ago. Chair umpire Ramos hands Cilic warning for slamming racket a day ago.

Hsieh overpowers Anisimova to win Japan Women's Open title a day ago. Serena Williams talks fashion, not controversy at Las Vegas event 2 days ago. Coric, Cilic help Croatia jump out to lead over U.

Thiem, Novak win to give Austria lead over Australia 2 days ago. Third point is called "40" 5. After that is game, unless, you are tied , which is called "deuce" 6. The winner of "deuce" gets "advantage in" if the server is winning "advantage out" if the reciever is winning.

After that is game. If the person with the advatage loses, you go back to "deuce", play that point and go to advantage keeps going until someone wins both deuce and ad If the score is tied , you say "15 all" or likewise for "30 all". That is for each GAME.

The first person to 6 winning by 2 wins the SET. Lets say the score is You would have to play another game. If you are still tied at , you play a "tiebreaker" of 7, where each POINT is a number, and you alternate serve. SO if you serve and win the point, it's now my turn to serve, and I'm down you always say the server's score first. Contrary to what those above me have said, as far as I know and in accordance to Wikipedia there is no Scoring can also be used as in a "no ad" style, where the first point after deuce wins.

Hope this isn't too confusing! I'll get straight to the point. You are at 15 pts. Now there is an exception. If both players have won 3 points each,the score is i.

Then you gotta win 2 points in a row. After the 1st point you win when in deuce ,you are at an "Advantage" and if you win the next,you win the game. If you lose it,it is deuce again. And love just means 0. For example,if you have won the first three points while serving,the score is forty-love. Hope I was helpful.

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