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Wait until it recharges before you start striking again. Another fighter that beginners might take a liking to is Conor McGregor. These are just some of the strategies I used when I won in the first round against others online and also the AI. Sao Paulo; 22nd Sep 2018

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They're ridiculously stingy with the awards. I've gotten one KO and one Sub. I didn't even notice when I got the KO, so I'm no help there. And my Sub was only because I was the only fight on the card to end by submission. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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So as they say, don't leave it to the judges. Be nice to others Self-explanatory, we will have differences but no need to flame. If you have any questions about the game please use this search function and make sure the answer isn't already waiting for you 5.

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Grappling is at the heart of any UFC encounter. This will gradually train you up so that, over time, attacks and counterattacks will become second nature, and you can get your opponents into a prone position without a second thought — and proceed to pummel them into oblivion.

Can he somehow pull off a counter? EA Sports UFC 2 delivers all of that same drama, particularly with the new element of submissions from the clinch. A major element that sets UFC apart from other combat competitions is that many is that women often draw equal — or even greater — attention than the guys.

And with good reason, given that unbelievably charismatic stars like Rousey, Holly Holm, and Miesha Tate are involved. And now, you can build the unbeatable female fighter and take her into Career Mode for the first time. UFC is all about building up to the big showdowns and that single moment where a fighter sinks or swims, and Career Mode now mirrors that progression in a big way. As you can see, developer EA Canada has gone all-out to make sure this is no simple roster update, but every spectacular fight card needs its special surprise guest.

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9 Tips for Victory in UFC 2 Don't get knocked out. by Mike Stubbsy on. March 10, Everyone knows that fighting in the UFC is one of the most physically testing things any human can do in. EA Sports UFC 2 is out now, follow TrustedReviews' guide to become the best in the cage. UFC 2 guide – beginner’s tips and tricks Someone with devastating knockout power can’t hurt. Tips ; Write ; EA Sports UFC 2 Guide: How To Score A Fast KO. Damian Seeto on April 17, at am. S coring a KO can be hard to do but it’s possible to get one quickly. You can get a fast KO in the first round depending on the type of opponent you are facing plus the fighter you are playing as in EA Sports UFC 2.