Why not post one yourself? I would appreciate very much help in this. If interested to integrate it into your web site plese contac us. Define Participant Teams At the beginning, you need to define the number of teams that participate in the competition. The Commish August 5, Volleyball - next 10 matches

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Also we add demo pages for our product. We open online suport page for our clients for quicker comunication. Coverage of new soccer league. The value for these cells can be calculated easily. All you have to do just multiply defined points for winning and draw with the number of wins in column L and draws in column M. The value in R4 is basically just the sum of win, draw and lose value in column L4, M4 and N4.

You finished creating formulas for Liverpool Home Matches rows. Check and compare the results with you manual calculation. Now, you can simplify the formula for other 7 teams just by copying that Liverpool home matches formula and paste it to 7 rows below as you can see in Picture Your Home Matches Table is completed now. The next step is creating the formula for Away Matches Table.

In this table, try to repeat the step 9 — The logic and formula used is the same, except Liverpool is an away team now. So, the Liverpool team will refer to column G in dummy table, goals scored will refer to column F, and goals scored against will refer to column E. I think for this step, you can tryto do it by yourself. I attach the picture 15 — 23 with the formula inside the picture, for you to check your formula.

Because all team matches are sum of all team home and away matches, all you have to do just add corresponding columns to complete the table. And it only needs two steps. Copy this cell, select cells C5 — C11, and paste it.

You have your table completed now. And these are the important columns of creating standing table. This is a place where you interpret your competition rules to give you the rank you wanted. Before go to create formula, you have to insert four new columns between column B and column C.

Select column C, right click your mouse and click insert. Do this four times, so you will have blank columns from C to F. We will interpret the rule one by one. Go to cell C4 which belongs to Liverpool rank based on points. Manually, you can see that Liverpool is rank number 2 among 8 teams. Because this is the first condition that have to be met, you can use the rank function provided by excel to get your team rank based on points.

So, the formula will be. Copy the formula and paste it to cells C5 to C11 to fill all columns with rank formula. You can see that the rank function will do basic rank function.

And you can see in the example that Chelsea and Arsenal are sharing the same rank, 5, because both are having same points. And you will see that there is no rank no 6.

And this is the reason why making league standing table is not as easy as people think. Create Formula for Ranking Position based on Goal Differences Now, you need to differentiate which team is on top of other. So, we have to interpret rule number two to differentiate them using excel function. Competition rule number two is: You cannot use the rank function here because the weight of goal difference for each team is not the same.

You have to filter it. So, the most suitable excel function to interpret this is sumproduct function. Go to cell D4.

D4 Value will be sum of multiplication between condition A and B, just like the formula used in previous steps. Copy D5 and paste it in D4-D11 to get the formula working for other cells. After you running it, you should see that it will give you the same value for both Chelsea and Arsenal because the GD for both teams are the same as you can see in picture below.

After this step, I hope you understand how the formula worked. And before going to third column or column E, put a formula in column A to sum the ranks of those four columns to get the feeling of the ranking formula you made. Copy A4 formula and paste it on column A5-A And you have your ranking position that will be used as reference in standing table worksheet.

Why it has to be in column A? Because this column will be used as the first vlookup reference in standing table worksheet, where it can only lookup the right value from the reference.

After running the formula for all teams, you can see that Arsenal and Chelsea still share the same ranking because of their points and goal difference are the same. Create Formula for Ranking Position based on Goals Scored So, we need competition rule number three to differentiate their ranking. The formula will give zero results for all teams except Chelsea and Arsenal after condition A and condition B is run.

In column J, cell value of Chelsea team is bigger than Arsenal team, so the formula for Arsenal will return value 1 and put in Arsenal cell. And now you can see the position column or column A.

You see that there is no same value now. It means that the final ranking is revealed after competition rules number three. But what about if some teams still share the same points after running this rule? You still have competition rule number four to differentiate them. Copy cell F4 and paste it in cell F5 to F You completed your ranking table now, and what about is some teams still share the same position after competition rule number four?

You should defined additional rule and try to input it in your new columns. I think this is your homework now to solve it: If you have no problem on following my tutorial until this step, I think you are ready to expand or change the competition rules to suit your needs. Or, you can create your own sports league table. Once you finished step 19, working on this standing table worksheet is easy. All you have to do just put number 1 to 8 in position column or column A and fill all corresponding cells with the value in working sheets related with those numbers.

Select cell B5 to B12 and paste it. Select cell C5 — Z12 and paste it. This is the last thing to do but the most important part of your work, just like when you sell a product and you do a quality test to make sure your product meets all the specification, you need to simulate the competition on your sheets by putting dummy team fixtures and points in fixtures worksheet and see the results.

If you want to be more precise, you have to simulate all conditions that might happens to make sure that your formula is working well. Let me know if you have problems. I will answer it in my spare time, but, tell you the truth, do not expect me to answer it quickly. Perhaps there is some mistyping in formula written in this tutorial. If you found one, please refer to the correct one in excel function box in images I attached. And please let me know so I can correct it.

Since this is the basic tutorial, you should add some coeffient which different for each club or add some tricks. You can see my template at http: If your criteria is met, get the position information and make those two rows position the same. These spreadsheets have been extremely useful! Ive been trying to incorporate a last 5 overall, last 5 home and last 5 away table from the main overall tables per your spreadsheet but I cannot seem to manage it?!

I set up a similar spreadsheat, but I divided the goal difference by and then added it to the points and then took the rank from that.

Thanks a million for this rather inspiring and informative tutorial. Often people with knowledge and expertise like you would rather take it to the grave with them than share it with those less fortunate. Do continue the great work you are doing. Every good wish and God bless. Hello Again What would be the formula or tutorial to effect..

I would appreciate very much help in this. Thanks for your comments. My answers to your comments are as follows: You can read in excel help how to use this function in detail and you can see the sample of the usage from my other football template.

Greetings, your spreadsheets have been fantastic. There refinement puts my pages to shame. I have been working with your pages try to configure a additional table, and I though you might be able to help. Dividing the table into three catigories; top 6, middle 7, bottom 7. This way I could see at a glance how each club is doing home and away against the strong, average and low quality clubs throughout a season.

Do have any idea for a formula based on your spreadsheet that would quickly calculate these results in a table? Because right now I am tracking by hand which is, over a season, a lot of lengthy work. Any help you might have on a formula would be great. I still trying to understand your point here. The easiest way I can suggest based on my understanding is as follows: Create additional 3 tables top-6, middle-7, bottom-7 that separated from the main table.

Put an equal formula for the team name in that 3 tables the same with the team name from main table based on their latest position c. Put Milan in the bottom of each table, so the tables will consist Milan as its 7th or 8th team d. Put comparison formula that will prevent Milan for shown twice if in those tables you can use if condition. I have been able to follow every step till the last one. I am not been able to generate results by entering the above mentioned formula.

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