Volleyball Hitting Tips

By developing volleyball skills for digging hard driv. When you set, it also helps if you form your hands into a diamond and look through as you're hitting the ball. After passing, one should always follow through to the target. Should I play volleyball freshman year with no experience? Volleyball Blocking - Penetrating into the Other Side

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Here are three tips to ensure your team's middle hitter maximizes their talent and contributes to your squad's scoring chances. To begin, I must say that I have never been a middle hitter; I was raised a setter. However, as a setter I know what middles need most of the time more than they do. Middles are much more effective in hitting quick attacks if they follow three simple guidelines. Be on time or early! If we are rushed to get the ball to an "on time" middle, we are able to get the ball to them a little more accurately because we can see them better.

Also, if we are running a combination off of you and you're late, the combo hitter might get tangled up by your feet! Our setters' eyes are looking up at the ball from the pass. If we can't see you because you are still on the ground, we can't deliver a very accurate ball to you.

Right-handed middles can help their setters' accuracy if they jump and put their left hand in the exact place that they want their set. While your hitting arm is back and ready to begin your swing, your left hand should be almost in place of where you want your set.

Reach high and hit deep into the court. She seems to be a good and scorer player. Elles Leferink was also a very good spiker,also she was a very good jump server. I don't believe Hughes is a good attacker.

She is strong but she does not use her strength well. As a lefty attacking in the centre is tougher, because you have to let the ball pass your body before you can hit the ball. It's also a different set, so it makes things more complicated for the setter. Playing on the right side however, being left handed is an advatage, because you don't have to let the ball pass your body. Plus you know that your body should make a 90 degree angle with the net right?

So if you're right handed and playing on the right side the front of your body is facing away from the court and you must see the set coming over your shoulder. Now there's ways around this, I mean there are a tond of good right handed diagonal players, but it is tougher. Also in the middle if you need to letthe ball pass your body it makes the combination slower That's what I know about it anyway.

Elles Maria Leferink born November 14 , in Weerselo , Overijssel is a female volleyball player from the Netherlands , who represented her native country at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia , finishing in fifth place. Leferink was a leading youngster in the Netherlands women's national volleyball team that won the gold medal at the European Championship by defeating Croatia in the final.

Among other awards she was elected "best player of Europe" aged 19 in and "best server" at the World Championship and the European Championship in She retired in becoming a mother.

Here is the final standings: Top in Dutch national team http: Nataly Korobkova,Russian opposite is the best scorer of the Turkey league at the moment. She is playing in Dyo Karsiyaka Izmir. And what about Virgine De Carne??!! She is a really great opposite, very powerfull.


The 3 step approach would be, left-right-left for right handed attackers, right-left-right for left handed attackers. volleyball techniques player approaching Before training players to develop a consistent 4 step approach or 3 step approach, it may be best to first work on just the last two steps. Jun 10,  · I am trying out for volleyball agin this fall. I made "A" team last year. I am worried that I will not make it this year, beacuse there are lots of good "B" team players. I am left handed and play outside hiter. I am pretty good. I want to Status: Resolved. Volleyball. Articles. Volleyball Hitting Tips. Volleyball Hitting Tips. As any coach knows, volleyball players love to hit. But it's not all just brute force. From anticipating blocks to taping fingers, here are some tips and drills to take your squad's hitting skills to .