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Picking a sportsbook for the first weekend of March Madness is differernt than the rest of the year. Instead of risking the entire parlay, place a side bet for a guaranteed win. Free Play Bonuses — Several online betting sites, for example Bookmaker. Instead of placing parlay bets with lots of teams on them, split them into multiple, smaller tickets. In order for the parlay bet to win, every one of the wagers must win or push tie. Sports Betting Guide

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Nothing in life is free. Yeah, tell that to people who get to enjoy…. Since opening 5 years ago, the Cosmopolitan has been one of the best places…. Las Vegas is always reaching for the next glittering latest and greatest — especially….

While the live music scene is most definitely alive and kicking in Sin City,…. It was perhaps one of the greatest stage entrances ever — the legendary Mariah….

Las Vegas attracts some of the biggest acts in the industry as well as…. If you think the Strip has the market cornered for vegetarian and vegan dining,…. The past year has been tumultuous for blackjack in Las Vegas. One of the most famous race and sports books in Las Vegas is almost….

We are kicking off football season with a revised list of our favorite Sportsbooks…. We are kicking off football season with a revised list of our favorite Sportsbooks in town.

If you are in town and want to put some action on the games, here are some of the best places to visit:. The Mirage once had the best sportsbook in Las Vegas. That luster was fading, due to neglect, but a major renovation in has the Mirage back on top! The renovation removed most of the old desk seating and replaced it with big comfy chairs. As part of the renovation The Mirage also added a gigantic TV screen that spans almost the entire huge sportsbook.

This screen is flexible and can fit just about every game with each game being sized to the amount of interest. The sportsbook manager decides which games are shown and what size they are based on bets made, so if you want to see a game make sure you place your bets here.

Unlike many other sportsbooks you may be able to score a drink ticket here. It will cost a few bucks but it guarantees a seat and drink service. The Venetian sportsbook underwent a large renovation in and you can definitely see where the money was spent. The lighting and TV screens at The Venetian sportsbook are as good as it gets. The Venetian sportsbook is operated by CG Technology Formerly Cantor Gaming and looks similar to their other sportsbooks in Las Vegas with red desks and big high back office style chairs.

The desks have outlets should you need to power your phone. Make sure the final game on every parlay is scheduled to begin after every other game ends. Give yourself a bit of time to place a side bet and protect a potentially large win.

If they lose, your parlay loses too. Instead of risking the entire parlay, place a side bet for a guaranteed win. For example, if the final game is between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, and your parlay has the Eagles, place a bet for the amount of money you want to guarantee on the Giants. If your parlay bet wins, you still take home a big win. With the parlay odds chart above, you can see that the opportunity to win big by parlay betting is definitely there.

For casual punters looking to have some fun, forget everything mentioned above and go have some fun. Parlay bets are difficult to win, and Mr. Furley expects the rent payment next month. For our own sense of responsibility, we want to remind anyone reading this that parlay betting for big wins can be a very risky, losing proposition.

The profit margin on race bets is higher, so they can afford to be more generous in that area. The following table shows what the various sports book families pay. For sports betting, the rebate indicated is for straight bets. Sometimes a higher percentage is paid for exotic bets like parlays and teasers. Likewise, the racing percentage is based on win, place, and show bets.

Exotic wagers, with a higher takeout, like exactas and trifectas, may pay more. The LVH has the highest sports rebate at 0. Parlays are a common bet in the sports book.

The following table is for parlays off the board, where each pick the player is laying As an aside, except the 3-team parlay, the player can usually get better odds by mixing in at least one event that does not have odds, like a money line wager. The following table shows what each sports book family pays on 6.


Once again, The Vegas Parlay releases the ultimate list of March Madness in Las Vegas Parties For interaction with March Madness in Las Vegas fans, there is a Facebook Page dedicated to the topic, where juicy tips and info abound. 19 rows · Best Parlay Sportsbooks A parlay bet, or accumulator / combo bet, is a wager which . Jerry's Nugget easily wins the prize for the best off the board parlay odds. 6-Point NFL Teasers. The following table shows what each sports book family pays on 6-point NFL teasers.