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It was first regularly played in the s by the Pakistani batsman Mushtaq Mohammad , though Mushtaq's brother Hanif Mohammad is sometimes credited as the inventor. As with all other cricket statistics , batting statistics and records are given much attention and provide a measure of a player's effectiveness. The shot is risky because a batsman is less proficient in the other handedness and is more likely to make a mistake in the execution of his shot. A slog sweep is a slog played from the kneeling position used to sweep. Knowledge Gained

Learn How to be a Successful Batsman


Always remember that you cannot be as good as Sachin Tendulkar over-night. This requires a lot of determination and hard-work, as far as perfection is concerned. Have the right diet. Staying fit will improve your endurance and will improve your over-all performance.

Always play cricket in the right spirit. You can only enjoy the game when you are loyal to it. How can I play the bal more powerfully straight down the ground, so that it should reach the boundary. You just need to time the ball and use more power so that there is enough power for the ball to reach the boundary. You need to place the ball a little bit left or right so that it doesn't hit the stumps on the other side or the bowler gets it.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful Watch the hand of the pace bowler as he releases the ball from his hand. By that, you could judge the length of the ball. Don't think of the person as a scary-fast bowler; think of him as your team member.

Not Helpful 10 Helpful You can just defend like the wall Rahul Dravid, or just get out of the way of fastball. You have to clear where your stumps line is, but you have to just defend, it will make the bowler frustrated. Not Helpful 12 Helpful When I play, I can't get accurate timing or play a fast delivery near the body and I am not able to hit between the gaps.

How can I improve these skills to play cricket? If you get a fast ball, be ready and focus on the ball. Practice defense, drive, squire cut, pull shot and so on. First, learn defense and drive. Protecting the stump with your bat will bring it closer to your feet. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. Become fit with physical exercise. Use a comfortable bat.

Hit the ball with your body power. Before playing cricket, don't waste your energy. I keep getting terrible pains in my arm when I bowl fast.

If he is holding the ball with the tips of his fingers, it is an indication that his delivery might be slower. A steady line of sight on the ball can increase your reaction time if indications are that it is going to be a fast delivery. An on-drive shot can be effective against fast bowlers if they err and over-pitch, causing the ball to bounce too close to the batsman.

Hit it mid-on or to the left. A hard square cut shot works well with enough room off-stump, or the area in front of the wicket farthest from your legs. The best and easiest shot response to a fast bowler is over his head. How you raise your bat in preparation for the delivery can be instrumental in besting a fast bowler.

According to ImproveYourCricket, a low back lift increases the time you have to gauge the ball coming at you. The higher your bat, the more time it will take you to connect with the ball. This can allow the ball to get past you to your wicket.

A straight bat, setting up with the face of your bat toward the batsman, reduces the area where the ball can get by you. A backfoot defense is a standard remedy against fast bowlers if you use a straight bat and keep your feet firmly planted. Leave it and look at the umpire for a no-ball or a wide. Not Helpful 23 Helpful There are two tips: Hit the ball before it lands on the ground. Remain on your place and defend the ball. Not Helpful 92 Helpful Rather than swinging the bat faster, try to time the ball properly.

To increase shot power, you may do some strengthening exercises which will eventually result in hard hitting. Not Helpful 29 Helpful Closely watch the wrist of the bowler as he or she bowls, doing so will ensure which line he or she bowls. Play the same bowler many times and understand his or her pattern. Avoid any distraction chants from opposition. Try playing unlimited over match test. Ultimately, experience is the key.

Not Helpful 55 Helpful When should I take the position and hit the ball when the bowler has released it? First, see where the ball is coming and it approaches near, take the position. Not Helpful 74 Helpful Duck it and look at the umpire. This may cause the umpire to deem it was a no ball or if you feel confident enough, swing at it like you would a pull shot.

Not Helpful 83 Helpful The most important thing to teach them to make proper contact with the ball. All the shots in a batsman's repertoire are of no use if the batsman cannot make good contact with the ball. It's difficult to make a 5-year-old understand the nuances of batting; the physics, mechanics and the shot selections might confuse the young learner. Start with the basics. Not Helpful 33 Helpful Spin the ball clockwise while throwing so that it would go right, then do the opposite for left.

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“Conrad Lotz’ “Cricket Batsman Tips” is not only a perfect read for cricket fans, but also a must read for players, amateur and professional alike. Active in the sport as a . The batsman needs to have idea and a knowledge about the tips that are batting he could catch hold of. If he knows the cricket batting tips, a batsman’s ability is displayed. Batting Tips for Right Handers. In cricket, there are two type of batsman-Right hand batsman; Left hand batsman; Today, we will share and discuss some batting tips for right handers batsman. Batting is not easy to do at an international level. You required Strength, power, stamina and mental skills.