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Matt Damon actually did attend Harvard, just like his character said he would. If you can learn and understand all the strategy involved and are disciplined enough to bet with your head and not your heart, then there's no reason why you can't make a profit in the long run. The opening scene depicts a running back ingesting PCP, and then pulling a gun out of his pants as he goes on a rampage down the field. I'm not saying the Giants were inspired by the movie; I'm just putting it out there. And Larry Miller nearly steals the show. Latest Lines

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Harry and Jake, two unsuccessful writers, spend a cathartic evening arguing about money, aesthetics, their friendship, and Harry's new manuscript. A producer's film is endangered when his star walks off, so he decides to digitally create an actress to substitute for the star, becoming an overnight sensation that everyone thinks is a real person.

A pair of aging stickup men try to get the old gang back together for one last hurrah before one of the guys takes his last assignment - to kill his comrade. In 16th century Venice, when a merchant must default on a large loan from an abused Jewish moneylender for a friend with romantic ambitions, the bitterly vengeful creditor demands a gruesome payment instead.

Frankie is a bit of a loner, but Johnny is determined their romance will blossom. When a plane crash claims the lives of members of the Marshall University football team and some of its fans, the team's new coach and his surviving players try to keep the football program alive.

Brandon Lang loves football: Needing money, he leaves Vegas for Manhattan to work for Walter Abrams advising gamblers. Walter has a doting wife, a young daughter, and a thriving business, but he has problems: He remakes Brandon, and a father-son relationship grows. Then, things go awry. Walter may be running a con.

The odds against Brandon mount. Networks can't talk about it. The government can't tax it. A business that strives to exploit every vulnerability, manipulate every gullibility, and convince the client that it can provide them certainty in an uncertain world.

Two for the Money is the story of one man's journey into the sports gambling world. Portraying a character that must deal with this corruption of innocence, McConaughey demonstrates that he can act with more than just his dimples and down-home Southern charm. Lang is a machine. He knows the teams, the leagues, the players, the game. All he does is work out and pick winners, two facts made abundantly clear by McConaughey's propensity to walk around shirtless just as often as he makes football picks.

I may have rolled my eyes once or twice, but I heard nary a complaint from the ladies in the audience. Except for that one that looked a little like my Uncle Larry. Lang's corruption rests solely on the fragile shoulders of Walter Abrams, a sleazy character played so effortlessly by Al Pacino that you can't help but feel slightly disturbed by the ease with which he seems capable of tainting ambitious young men.

Screaming less than usual, Pacino's portrayal is nothing short of an indictment of those sports advisors who feed on the weak. Sports gambling may be illegal in 46 states, but Abrams is well aware that "sports advising" the politically correct preference, no doubt is not. Despite the false promise of certainty, sports advising is presented as more used car salesmanship than mathematical study.

Figure out your client's needs, and get his money. That's the name of the game. As for actually picking a winner?

A flip of the coin. Sure, Lang is able to compile a pretty impressive hot streak, but what happens when it comes to a crashing halt? They are people who sell their picks to bettors.

Two for the Money sheds a lot of light on some of the darker corners of this industry as no movie to date even attempted. Where the movie struggles is trying to please gamblers and at the same time attempting not to confuse the average moviegoer.

While gamblers may be asking for more, non-gamblers might still be confused by what is going on and how it's legal. Still, "Two for the Money" serves as a landmark movie for sports gambling because of the attention it drew to the industry and the light it helped shed on it. While "Bookies" explored the life of a group of illegal bookmakers and "Two for the Money" delved into the gambling advisors industry, "Eight Men Out" explores an entirely different aspect of sports gambling.

For a movie that describes an incident from nearly years ago, "Eight Men Out" is still relevant. While entire teams throwing games may be a thing of the past, international sports are constantly keeping their eyes on match fixing scandals, especially in tennis.

The movie was received with critical acclaim much like the book it was based on. There is no doubt Reynolds was going to walk away with the girl, right?

Rob Brown and Dennis Quaid. The big hang up: This was a good movie, but the factual inaccuracy of the West Virginia vs. Syracuse game hangs over this the game was actually played in Syracuse. Other players have spoken out against this movie, which moves it way down the list. Quaid's third football movie on this list. Davis never played in the NFL after being diagnosed with Leukemia. A former NFL quarterback is sent to jail.

And once inside, he earns the trust of his fellow inmates when he organizes a game against the guards. But the sheer volume of WWE stars in this movie is staggering. And Kevin Nash nearly steals the show. No, Paul Crewe is not shot in this one, either. One of the oldest stories in the book. A goon hires a former football player to track down his wife.

Said player finds the wife and falls for her. Wait, this is also a football movie? Did you not read the description? He hires a former football player. Jeff Bridges, Rachel Ward This might only interest me: A coach must juggle a meddling owner and ego of his new star QB after his trusted veteran signal caller goes down with an injury. This is based on a book by former Raiders trainer Rob Huizenga. The book was better. The uniforms of the teams were laughably bad.

The fake Texas Stadium was the worst. The on-field action was way over the top. But you're forgiven for: One of my biggest beefs with the movie was Willie Beamen eating chips on the sidelines.

And then Mark Sanchez ate a hot dog on the sidelines. Also former NFL player Darnell Autry was turned down for a role because he didn't look like a football player. A downtrodden college football team discovers a defensive superstar in its water boy. The Big Show and Lawrence Taylor "don't smoke crack". I probably liked this movie more than most. And I still liked to drop the term "foosball" when talking about football, so it does have some quotable lines.

This is the first of many appearances of Rob Schneider in this list. Of course, Bobby Boucher's team wins. But Dan Fouts actually makes me laugh during his cameo. A young man wants to impress a girl so he did what the rest of us did an joined the football team.

Wait, so this now is a football movie? Do you not see the movie poster? Things end up rough for Sheen and Rider. A down-and-out former secret service agent turned detective partners with an ex-quarterback to investigate a murder around a pro football team. Every buddy cop picture, ever. The opening scene depicts a running back ingesting PCP, and then pulling a gun out of his pants as he goes on a rampage down the field. Highly unbelievable, yet you can't take your eyes off it.

The running back who kills himself is Tae Bo master Billy Blanks. Don't give Bruce Willis a light. A small-town loser still is obsessed with a dropped pass against his rival in high school football and some years later, he organizes a game for one last chance at redemption.

But it should be noted two high schools did get together 10 years after the fact to settle a tie, in a life imitating art moment. Robin Williams and Kurt Russell. Russell as quarterback Reno Hightower. Herman Edwards is an extra in the movie. Williams has another chance to catch the ball but blows it!

You don't get out to movies much, do you? Kevin Costner plays a gruff, but likeable loner who wants to build a football team his own way.

Can he take the Cleveland Browns to the promised land? Yeah, this isn't a true story, like "Moneyball" for instance. Don't go quarterback first overall.

Well, my scene was left on the cutting room floor. I asked a few of the "actors" questions during the red carpet. Seriously, can I do a DVD extra or something? BTW, I really enjoyed this movie. However, I don't want to let the "newness' of the film influence the ranking here. A female track coach decides she wants to take over as coach of the school's football team and must jump some obstacles along the way. LL Cool J records a "Football Rap" which appears in the opening credits, but wasn't included in the soundtrack.

Harrelson does not dunk in this film. Johnny Walker is the highest-rated high school football recruit in America who must choose between playing big-time college football and giving it all up for his girlfriend. This was supposed to be a look at high school recruiting, but seems so antiquated now considering how intense it has become.

It's easy to say Robert Downey Jr. But the prayer given by Paul Gleason is the best in the movie. It's not as crappy as everybody thinks and worth a look thanks in large part to Downey and Gleason. An agent is fired for showing a soul, and he has one last client to prove a conscious can exist with sports agents. Sports agent Leigh Steinberg, who also served as technical director. Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding, Jr. I was with my dad at the Cowboys vs. Cardinals game this climactic game was filmed at.

And in the hotel bar prior to the game, I made a bet with the bartender that Shaquille O'Neal was going to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers in the offseason. I won free drinks for life at the Tempe Marriott. Uh, did the Cardinals win the fictional game? I guess it doesn't matter because he got his big-money contract, showing what's really important, I guess.

A public school quarterback accepts a scholarship to a New England prep school to play quarterback but things become unraveled when his teammates find out he's keeping a secret. The personal experiences of writer and TV producer Dick Wolf.

Brendan Fraser and Matt Damon. The movie is somewhat predictable, but you'll certainly join in whenever it comes on cable. And the move of quarterback David Green Fraser throwing his tailback Damon in front of a blocker seems like something Cam Newton will try this season.


Oct 07,  · Watch video · Brandon Lang loves football: an injury keeps him from the pros, but his quarterback's anticipation makes him a brilliant predictor of games' outcomes. Needing money, he leaves Vegas for Manhattan to work for Walter Abrams advising gamblers. Walter Abrams is a man who is in the sports betting business. /10(K). The summer is officially “movie season” and since we have a few weeks before training camps get started, let’s take a look at the best football movies ever. Top Sports Betting Movies Use the movie title to link to a full review of each of our Top 10 movies. Then get the popcorn ready and prepare to laugh and cry along with a plot you may know all to well, or one you could never have imagined.