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You have set a new benchmark of shitty predictions. The Cardinals are going to have to find themselves in the desert this year. For now, Vander Esch is tabbed for the strong side because of his untapped coverage skills. Seriously, though, look at Patriots WR corps. Search form


NFL Draft picks 2018: Results, analysis for Round 1

That could be as soon as next year if they win a championship this coming year. This team's offensive is fire. Their defensive could be better. If Roethlisberger keeps playing like he has been for the past few years, they should be in good shape. San Francisco 49ers - Jimmy G turned this franchise around. Last year at one point they were the 0and9ers, but they went on a winning streak after Jimmy G started.

The Patriots really messed this one up. I don't know if this team will beat the Rams in the hunt for the division, but who knows. Did I mention they have Richard Sherman now? Seattle Seahawks - This team barely missed out on the playoffs last year. The offseason hurt their defense, and with a strong division and a tough schedule I don't have the same confidence in this team as I did at the beginning of last season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - If Winston is going to be a franchise quarterback he has to prove it. He hasn't so far. This team got the additions of Vita Vea and JPP, and could be competitive especially if other teams in their division decline. Tennessee Titans - The Oilers finally redeemed themselves by coming back from an 18 point deficit in the wild card game vs the chiefs. Corey Davis could have a breakout year. Dion Lewis is a good signing. Malcolm Butler and Rashaan Evans are good additions too.

Will Mariota lead his team to a second straight playoff appearance? Washington Redskins - Alex Smith is a good Quarterback, but the rest of this team needs improvement.

I don't see a good performance from this team in , I think a rebuild is in sight. Despite the Titans improved offense with the addition of Dion Lewis, I don't think they can outscore the Steelers. Jimmy G is a great quarterback, but doesn't have playoff experience. He will struggle against the Falcons defense. Kirk Cousins struggles against good defenses, and tends to be picked off.

I think this will be an upset. This one is difficult to pick a winner. I think home field advantage will make the difference. Gronk will be a powerhouse too. I can't see the Falcons upsetting the Rams two years in a row. The Eagles are a better team. But this is a divisional game. I think with the help of Barkley and the rivalry between the two teams the Giants take the win in an upset. Giants defense will shut down Goff. Gurley will stomp through the defense but Barkley will get the job done.

So I'm unaware of any similarities. You say the Packers didn't draft a receiver, when in reality they actually drafted three. You also say the Bears have a subpar defense when they have one of the better defenses in the league.

Then goes on to say that Trey Burton and a subpar defense makes them dark horse candidates for the playoffs. Does OP know what subpar means? Sure doesn't know the difference between 0 and 3. Welcome to the club of, "but they didn't get a receiver in the first so it doesn't count. Yeah, and the Packers drafted 3 running backs last year.

The amount of hubris I see coming out of your fan base is amazing. It's like having Aaron Rogers carry you guys for so many years has blinded you to the fact that the rest of your roster is trash. Tell me all about it at the end of the season bud. There are 31 teams that wish they had my guy Aaron. I'm sick of people pointing out he's on the roster as a way to prove the teams bad He's the best in the business at the most important position.

That's a good thing. Differing opinions on the Packers aside, I appreciate the effort you put in to make that meme. This one was a bit of a head scratcher to me as well. I would say 9 wins is probably the lowest I would expect unless something goes really wrong or there are key injuries. But honestly, I have no ill will for Breesus. Even though our second first round pick would benefit.

The league is no fun without the superstars. Last year sucked for us, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. This seems like just regurgitation of whatever the media is hyping up or not hyping up. I'll take your lions reasoning as an example. Just because they "didn't do anything notable" doesn't mean they'll go from one game out of the playoffs to losing to the bears.

And while I'm complaining about the lions, they did do something very notable! They signed a new head coach, and got exactly the one they wanted, at that. That can change a team. For an example, look at the rams, who you had in the playoffs. Anyway, bad prediction, don't dive into a league-wide thing based on nothing but "big news".

I just noticed this and it really bothers me. The only positive thing you listed about the patriots' offseason was a new running back. Literally everything else was a loss. So naturally their record will be a win better than last year and they'll go to the AFC championship.

Scrolled down a long way to see someone notice that prediction LOL. I certainly wouldn't cry about this, but I think it's unlikely. I know it's your opinion. I got really excited to see where you have my niners even though I think it's a little high. The saints going 8 and 8 and the giants winning the super bowl?

Did I miss something this off season where the giants added a lot of capitol? You are going to get torn apart for trying to predict the impossible but I appreciate the content. Ummmmm, we drafted 3 WRs. And our recieving group was pretty good without drafting them. Not sure what Packers team you were looking at. Just comparing our two I would take Adams over Cooper and between Nelson and Cobb cutting either would have resulted in the same cap relief but we cut Jordy for a reason.

I'd take Graham over Cook. Raiders don't have us beat until about WR3. Martavis, Jordy and Cooper is a better receiver core than Davante, Cobb and whoever makes the wr3 position. So the Eagles are going to have a franchise best season. You're also sleeping on Washington so hard it's ridiculous.

Also no chance an RB is what beats us with how good our run D is. Our receiving core is far from the worst receiver. When we have Rodgers and a 1 we don't need to spend high capital on a wr. We drafted 3 projects, maybe 1 will work out. We are and we don't even make the wildcard?

Outside of the packers these predicts are subpar as well, at least in the analysis. Dolphins don't go We give enough hope to potentially make the playoffs then choke so here we come.

Exactly, we were technically in the playoff race until like the last three weeks last year. And we played like hot garbage the entire year last year, specifically on offense. Im not even saying we make the playoffs next year, but how do people say this stuff every year before learning? Kerryon Johnson, RB, Auburn. The Lions get a back with a good combination of power and explosiveness with the hopes he can be a three-down option. Dante Pettis, WR, Washington.

Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa. The Packers get a big, intelligent ball hawk who can excel in zone coverage. Pressure on new Packers corners. Goedert can excel in that role. Connor Williams, OL, Texas. The in-state product has first-round upside. Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis. The Bears got Allen Robinson to be their well-rounded, big, speedy No. Turay has a short history of high production, giving him high upside. Stewart, CB, North Carolina. Bates can do a lot of little things well in coverage and run support.

Duke Dawson, CB, Florida. The Raiders go for the inside pass-rush upside here with Hall. Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado. Guice had to wait too long to be picked, given he should have been the second running back taken after Saquon Barkley. While Antonio Brown remains the No. Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn. Davis is an attacking ball hawk who needs some work to become consistent. Lewis, like Turay, was taken for his pass-rush ability. Frank Reich is copycatting the Eagles in trying to have a deep rotation to go after quarterbacks.

Lewis can slide inside on passing downs. For now, Parker will learn as a swing reserve. The Giants are moving to a base under James Bettcher, and he goes after a Chandler Jones-like edge rush option. Carter has some first-round traits, but he needs to bulk up and work on his coverage to become a starter and stay on the field beyond obvious passing situations. New England Patriots vs.

We love a good trick play. College football has its fair share of crazy plays, but this has to be one of the more memorable ones of recent memory. With college football comes college football commercials.

Best of Week 1 and 2. By now many have heard the news that Nike made Colin Kaepernick the face of its newest campaign. There were many positive reactions, but with the good comes the bad. Nissan is back with more hilarious Heisman House commercials, featuring the newest recipient.

Always keep your head on a swivel. One young football player learned that the hard way as he thought he had a clear path up the field but failed to account for the referee Miami is definitely coming with the awesome uniform combinations this fall. The Hurricanes have unveiled their new environmentally-conscious alternate uniforms for Sundays in the fall are for football with the NFL action starting in the early afternoon and going all the way through the evening.

While there are a collection of games to choose from during the Watching NFL games online has become a common occurrence. Including the season opener and Thanksgiving night game, both of which will be broadcast How they match up. News of a made-for-TV Tiger Woods vs. While most of us will never step into the


Watch video · The NFL schedule is out, and the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles kick off the regular season against the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday, . 3 days ago · Just as we all expected, Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominated Week 1, while Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers looked clueless in . The first round of the NFL Draft is complete. As teams made their picks Thursday night, SN had you covered with live analysis of the draft results. Each selection in Round 1 warrants such.