An insider's guide to rugby's dirty tricks

The game also relies on the ability of the player to pass equally well with their dominant and non-dominant hands, so getting a ball and just passing for hours with a friend is a must when starting the game. At the stadium, find a place away from the crowds where the team can spend down time together. The username or password you entered is incorrect. Sure, the game will feel like it is being played at miles per hour and you will be dog tired after 10 minutes of chasing the ball. Practice at a low speed, and then build up to full speed and contact. You are here

10 Tips for How to Play Rugby

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Upon receiving the kick, players will attempt to advance the ball up the field either by running, passing, or kicking. Any player can run the ball; however, teammates are not allowed to block defenders from tackling the ball carrier, and it is illegal to use your teammates as a shield when carrying the ball.

Passing is allowed, but only in the form of a reverse lateral, meaning that the player you are passing to must be behind you on the field of play. Laterals and forward laterals result in penalties. What forms out of this is known as the ruck.

While being tackled, the ball carrier will attempt to roll so that his back is facing the defense and will shield the ball with his body.

All this must be simultaneous with the tackle, as a player on the ground is not allowed to guard or handle the ball at all with their hands. While the tackled player is shielding the ball, pack players from his team usually 2 or 3 will move over him in an attempt to keep the defense away from the ball, which anyone can take at this point. Assuming the defense has not recovered the ball, another offensive player, usually the scrum half, will come in, retrieve the ball, and pass it out to the backs, allowing play to continue.

Depending on the violation, the opposing team is presented with options from the official. Many penalties result in the other team being awarded a scrum. A scrum is the most recognizable of the rugby formations, and you have likely seen pictures of it before.

With both teams having created this formation, the two masses face each other and lock shoulder, with a tunnel naturally being created between the front rows. The object is then to drive the opposite team off the ball, carrying the ball underneath your own team no hands allowed and into the hands of the scrum half, who is now there awaiting it.

Assuming this is successful, the ball is the passed out to the backs and play continues. The scrum is generally a very rough place, and is most likely the inspiration of Ralph Waldo Emerson when he wrote:. As play continues, a ball carrier is tackled out of bounds, known in rugby as into touch.

At this point play stops, and the opposing team is awarded a line-out. In a line-out, an offensive player throws the ball above a tunnel formed by the opposing teams, and the lifters lift jumpers up in the air in an effort to grab the ball before the other team does. The lifters and jumpers must be members of the pack. The offensive team has the advantage in that they decide how many players will participate in the line-out, and the defense can only use an equal amount or less.

Also, the offense usually employs strategy, with the player tossing the ball at a certain height and distance unknown to the defense. The ball must be thrown in straight above the tunnel so as to give both teams a legitimate chance of taking possession.

Once in possession of the ball, the jumper either passes the ball down to the scrum half or is lowered down and hands it off to the scrum half, and play continues. By now the team with the ball is threatening to score.

A player receives a pass and drives through several defenders, drawing very near to the try zone. Before he can enter and touch down the ball, however, he is hit by several defenders. But instead of going to the ground, he retains his footing, turning his back on the defenders who are attempting to tackle him and starts effectively shielding the ball.

What is happening can now be referred to as a maul. Essentially, a maul is a standing, mobile version of a ruck. The All Blacks now lead the way with 10 titles if you factor in Tri-Nations results dating back to , with South Africa and Australia lagging behind on three wins apiece.

An invitation series of matches steeped in history, which sees a Lions select team made up of players from the British Isles travel to play New Zealand, South Africa or Australia. The Lions have toured a Southern Hemisphere nation to play a three-match series once roughly every four years since , although success has proved difficult to come by since the turn of the century. A sole victory in the last 15 years came in Australia.

That success in came against Australia, coached by Warren Gatland and aided by the trusty boot of Welshman Leigh Halfpenny. The next Lions Tour will represent the ultimate challenge when they head down south to take on the mightly All Blacks. The Tour will consist of three internationals however prior to these Tests they face the daunting prospect of taking on New Zealand's finest in their Super XV franchises and the Maori All Blacks. With ten matches on this iconic tour, betting opportunities will be plenty alongside many points that will be expected.

Topping the table is no longer a guarantee for championship success, with four teams qualifying for the post-season showdown.

The format has helped create welcome unpredictability, with Saracens, Northampton Saints, Leicester Tigers and Harlequins all winning the Twickenham Grand Final in the last four seasons. Toulon edged the showdown and continued a proud recent record in European rugby, winning the final two Heineken Cup competitions back-to-back. Prior to that French success Irish sides had also reigned supreme in Europe, with Leinster and Munster sharing four Heineken Cup wins between them from Helped by a rise in popularity that saw Stade Francais attract 79, fans to their clash with Toulouse in , money has poured into the sport at the top level.

French clubs have enjoyed huge success in Europe as a result of an influx of top players from all over the globe to the Top Formerly known as the Celtic League, the Pro 12 is a premier club competition contested by top teams from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Italy. Italian teams joined the league for the first time in , although it did little to end the dominance enjoyed by Irish and Welsh sides in the yearly competition. Much like the Aviva Premiership, a play-off system was adopted in to ensure healthy competition right across the league.

The tournament began in and was officially branded the Super 12 consisting of the leading teams from New Zealand and South Africa. An additional two teams joined in which was then expanded to 15 in It is one of the toughest Rugby Union tournaments in the world, mainly due to the quality of the players, the exceptional playing conditions and most importantly the extensive travel that is involved. Simple match or tournament betting is available on every professional rugby match, although staking on the handicap market has become an increasingly popular alternative in recent years.

Predicting the winning margin is another exciting alternative that offers genuine prospects for value, particularly during the Rugby World Cup. Punters can also back the total points scored during a match , the first team to score and the double result half time and full time winners. Another very popular Rugby market is 1st try-scorer, offering 30 opportunities for success and the potential to find good value.

If you love all things to do with sport then you can not miss this event. The Rugby Union World Cup is a source of great potential profit for any punter. So with our guide in-hand you can be sure that the best Rugby Union World Cup tips and predictions will be here in bettingexpert's tipster community. Posting a Rugby Union World Cup tip could not be easier. Instead it is often former soccer and basketball players field vision and wrestlers tackling technique that make the transition to the sport the smoothest.

Passing backwards is obviously a given, while new players should also quickly learn about knock-ons, offside and illegal play in the rucks and mauls. With those basics grasped the game will become a lot clearer and, importantly, a lot more fun. While getting out and playing games is massively important, it is equally helpful to watch as much footage as possible from around the world. The internet has made this a lot easier with countless games being hosted on YouTube.

In addition ESPN has picked up the rights to some of the greatest club competitions in the world so there is no longer an excuse to not watch the game you are learning. Watch critically and study how the players at your position move on and off the ball to be in the right place at the right time and have an impact on the game.

Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the USA and that will only continue to be the case now that it will be played in the Olympics. As a result there are clubs, both established and new, all over the country with a new professional league also in the picture.

All these clubs though are looking for new blood and new players, so get onto USARugby. Getting affiliated with a rugby club is a key step for beginning rugby players.

Many a teenager believes they can be an NFL head coach thanks to the Madden franchise. The options when it comes to rugby video games are certainly more limited, but finding and playing one will certainly help with understanding how to play rugby and the nuances of the game. The tactile nature of video games actually makes them a pretty useful learning tool in certain situations and games in the past have also had a rugby for beginners section that is worth checking out too.

There is no such thing as the wrong size in rugby. It truly is the most inclusive game in the world as it can be played effectively by any body type.


The following will serve as a basic introduction to the game of rugby, from the history of the game to its objectives and main rules, and will also have some tips on where you can find opportunities to play yourself. Essentials of Sevens - Coaching Tips. As rugby players, we need to trust ourselves and believe that we can act as a support runner while maintaining depth from the ball carrier. In training, keep an eye on your players creep forward in drills or in game situations. Depth in 7s attack is extremely important. An insider's guide to rugby's dirty tricks You may know the laws of the game, but what about the unseen tactics? Subtle, and blatant, rule .