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You know and I know, we've all played plenty of players who seem to have very sloppy technique and yet somehow it works for them and they can pull off a win. You can be that person too if you can just release that beating yourself up during a match because of your technique. When you get to practice, you can have that practice mindset. You can work on perfecting that technique and worry about yourself and what you're doing.

But during a match, let the mistakes and the errors go and keep your focus on the court and what's happening outside of yourself so that you can hopefully move closer towards victory. So make a distinction between your practice mindset and your match mindset and make sure you're using the right one at the right time. You can become a mentally tougher player if you can do things like that.

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Play in new window Download. Tennis can be a difficult sport to bet on. With more players capable of winning an ATP or WTA event year after year, it can be tough to call an Outright winner of a tournament, or even a match winner with the competitive nature of the sport increasing rapidly. At bettingexpert, our members post their tennis predictions and tips in huge numbers every year.

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When betting on any sport it is important to have a strategy in place before you place that first bet with tennis being no different. In fact having a strategy in place for tennis is probabaly more important than most sports. There are a number of motivating factors for this, the most important one being the different surfaces that exist throughout the year.

Clay, hard-court and grass are the three surfaces that the players will take on during the calendar year and understanding the different characteristics of these courts and the players that are best suited, will go some distance in helping you make a winning chioice. The clay-court season stretches from around April through to the middle of June with the French Open signalling a change of surface to grass.

This said there are a number of tourments throughour the year on clay. Clay is the slowest of all the surfaces and normally delivers long baseline rallies. This surface is typically continental and is also very popular in South and Central America, with many of the top stars having learned their trade on the red dirt. Know your clay-court specialists when betting during a tournament on this surface. Simple research into past winners of clay tournaments in recent times will, always help in this decision making process.

The grass-court season falls immediately after the French Open and almost eight weeks of tennis played on the red dirt. People with fixed mindsets believe that their abilities …. Want to discover more about yourself? Take this quick self awareness test to see how self-aware you truly are. The VAK model focuses on …. In life, we have internal and external obstacles. Overcoming obstacles of each kind is very different.

However, we can use our internal obstacles to help with our external obstacles. Inner obstacles would be experiences going on inside you. Some examples would be disappointment, lack of confidence and ….

Do you really have a hidden side? Repression has long been understood in modern psychology, although the experts from Freud onward tend to disagree on the nature of it.


I see two types of tennis mindsets in tournament players when it comes to their approach to playing points. A tennis mindset for success is the player who focuses on . Create A Mindset For Winning At Tennis - Your Competitive Nature Can Be One Of Your Biggest Weapons. This article presents competition tips to help you tune your mind up to compete at your best. Begin your serving ritual again, now with a better mindset. Use these mental tennis tips — visualizations — continuously as you play; you’ll see the results these mental tennis tips bring. Also, try these mental tennis tips at night, right before falling asleep. Visualize yourself hitting blistering groundstrokes, crushing overheads, and.