Tennis Doubles Strategy and Tips

Attacking down the middle whether you have two players back, two players at net or a traditional doubles set up will reward you greatly over the course of a match. The net is higher and the court is shorten when you hit down the line making the ball harder to attack. Two back means that both players are positioned on the baseline. A membership exists for this person under another login account. Use the baseball runner vs pitcher example. Positioning Drill

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It's suitable for beginner and intermediate players and helps you improve your court positioning. For more videos, tips and instruction, visit Improve your tennis game with video tutorials, tips from the pros and more. IMPROVE YOUR GAME. NEWS. NEWS. FOR YOU. Stay on top of the game with global, national and local tennis news. To improve your court positioning, you don’t have to get faster, just smarter. "Hit the ball and move back to the center of the court." When you first pick up a tennis racquet, that’s the. Now that you have found the right partner and worked on the first ball (serve and return), it's time to talk about court positioning. There are three basic court positions for doubles tennis: two up, two back and one up, one back.